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Year 6 – September 2020 – Drop Off / Pick Up Information


Arrival time Children’s entrance Lunchtime End time Where parents collect from
8.35 – 8.45 Main entrance 12.45 – 1.35 3.10pm

Enter through main gates:

Key Stage 2 playground


An overview of Year 6’s curriculum:

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Year 6 - Latest News

Week ending 6th March 2020

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Year Group Events

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PSHE Visitors

This term we have had visitors from Me and You Education and Equaliteach.

Me and You Education explored what it means by ‘our identity’. We drew our own identity bags. In the Equaliteach session, we had to decide who we wanted to invite to a dinner party and who we did not want to invite. From here we realised that sometimes we stereotype people before we have even got to know them. 

Year 6 Website Bloggers
Third Space Learners - 2018

E-Safety - Social Media October 2018


Year 6 have been looking at social media in their e-safety lessons this half term.
We looked at the ages set on social media and discussed why we thought these were set. We talked about what you should do if you get into issues online at school and at home: tell an adult and report it.
We looked at The Kidsmart website together. 
Over night camp

Our Year 6s enjoyed an amazing overnight camp last night with Mike @adventures_into. Some of the highlights included bug eating, a talent show and hide and seek in the dark


Young Enterprise 2018

Run your own business!

Young Enterprise is a project that the children take part in for the last half term of Year 6. It enables them to make a link between school and the world of work, allowing them to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed. The children also learn and develop other skills, such as communication, finance, organisation, problem-solving and teamwork.

The children worked as a team to come up with a product that they thought would sell well at school. They then worked out the costs of the product, using a budget, and produced a stall. Each child had a role within the group.

The children learnt about profit. When they sold for the first time, their challenge was to make a profit on the £10 Miss Hooker leant them to start with. With their earnings, they then assessed whether the product would be good to sell at the Summer Fete. They then reinvested their money.

In 2018, Year 6 made over £1600. Chocolate Cake Pops were the winning business making over £200. Well done to the girls running that business.

Inspiration Day 2018

On Thursday 8th February, Downside held its annual Inspirations events. Year 6 pupils and parents were invited to speak to a range of volunteers from different education providers and careers. The children had researched careers they would be interested in doing in the future and came up with a range of questions to ask the volunteers to gain a further insight into a range of jobs. These included: caterers, teachers, the Police and members of the NHS.  

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and Year 6 left feeling very inspired and with lots of freebies to take home!

Equaliteach Workshop

On Friday 17th November, Year 6 took part in an Equaliteach workshop. The workshop involved looking at stereotypes and how to challenge these. Year 6 had to decide which 6 people they would invite to a dinner party out of a possible 12 and explain their reasons why. We all had fun and developed our critical thinking skills. 

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is a project that the children take part in for the last half term. It enables them to make a link between school and the world of work, allowing them to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed. The children also learn and develop other skills, such as communication, finance, organisation, problem-solving and teamwork.

The children work as a team to come up with a product that they think will sell well at school. They then work out the costs of the product, using a budget, and produce a stall. Each child has a role within the group and activities to follow.

The children will also learn about profit. When they sell for the first time, their challenge will be to make a profit on what they started with. With their earnings, they can then assess whether the product will be good to sell at the Summer Fete.

So, I am sure that your child will tell you when they are selling, but look out for the advertising posters! Please come along, and support year 6 with their business adventures!

Big Maths Beat That!

In Year 6 we have started using Beat That! maths challenges. These challenges are aimed to assess progress of children on a weekly basis. The challenges consist of a CLIC Challenge, which is a mixture of quick arithmetic questions, and a Learn Its Challenge, which is a mixture of simple multiplication and addition recall questions. The children have 90 seconds to do as many of the Learn Its questions as possible. 

The challenge scores are recorded, and the sheets are then sent home. The children then have new challenge sheets the following week (with similar questions) and the aim is for them to try and beat their scores.

Parents and guardians can then see on a weekly basis what their child is getting in the challenges,  and whether anything in particular needs to be revised. 

Click HERE to see some examples


Archived News from Year 6

Week commencing 16th December 2019

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Week ending 29th November 2019

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‘Barvember’ click HERE

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Week ending 15th November 2019

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Week ending 8th November 2019

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Week ending 4th October 2019

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Week ending 8th March 2019

We have so much news to tell this week it doesn’t quite fit in this section – Please click HERE to read it in full.

Thank you from Lancaster bloggers

Week ending 15th February 2019


This is Lancaster here! We have had a good week in class this week.


This week in Topic, we discussed the Holocaust. The Holocaust is a time in World War 2 when all the Jews were captured and thrown in to camps. They were either: enslaved, starved or killed. Over 6 million Jews were mercilessly killed during this time. If Jews had not been captured, it was still hard for them due to all the laws and rules made by Hitler.

Here is some information about a Jewish survivor:





We also looked at propaganda from World War 2. Propaganda is all about encouraging the people in your country to help the war which is going on. It is a message to help your country. One example is ‘Dig for Victory’ which means you should grow your own vegetables and food because of all the rationing and to help win the war.

Here are some examples which we made:





In literacy, we have continued to read the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Lieutenant Kotler has hurt Shmuel and Bruno has been to his grandmother’s funeral in Berlin. After reading that chapter, we write a diary entry from Bruno or Shmuel’s point of view.

Here is a plan for the diary entry:




This is an example of a diary entry:





This week we have been multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting fractions and trying to find the whole. Some people found it hard and some found it easier – it was fun to do all of the operations in one week!

Inspirations Day:

On Thursday afternoon, we had our Inspirations Day where lots of different people from different careers came to speak to us about their jobs. We had spent time preparing questions in class and we learned lots about the different careers.

We built some structures out of jelly babies and spaghetti at the building stand!




These solicitors explained how long they had studied to become lawyers.




Some of us had the opportunity to try out radio presenting with BBC Three Counties Radio.




Week ending 21st December 2018

Hello and welcome to our Year 6 blog.  It’s Aleezeh Usman and Ayaan Khan from Stirling class. This is our final blog for this term!


In Literacy, we have been planning, drafting and writing up a description about a storm using figurative language such as: precise adjectives, personification, similes and pathetic fallacy.


In Numeracy, we have learnt how to find the area and perimeter of different 2D shapes. Also, we have been working on how to find the volume of cubes and cuboids.

Trip to Luton Library Theatre

On Tuesday some lucky children went to watch Jack and the Beanstalk at the Luton Library Theatre. It was a humorous version of the classic story with an exciting twist – Jack owned a milk company and got up to mischief with his friends.  It was an entertaining performance and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

Spanish Day

We had great fun on Wednesday learning Spanish words and phrases linked to objects around the classroom and colours.  We tried to have a conversation in Spanish by asking and answering each other’s questions.  “Tienes una goma?”  We also learnt about the similarities and differences between schools in Spain and the U.K.

Have a fantastic holiday and we wish you all a very happy New Year!

Week ending 14th December 2018

Hi it’s Laiba and Zhara. This week in Spitfire class we have had a lot of fun learning about 3D shapes and Nets in Maths.

In literacy we finished writing our mystery story. We are now looking at a poem called The Storm.  Additionally, we have written our favourite piece of writing to show our parents how hard we have been working.

We have had an amazing Christmas dinner that was very delicious, We would like to thank all the kitchen staff who put a lot of effort into cooking our delicious lunch!

Here is a picture of our christmas dinner…




Week ending 30th November 2018

Hi it’s Tia and Zenab. This week Hurricane Class has worked incredibly hard doing the following tasks:


In R.E, we have learnt about people that are atheist, theist and agnostic. Also we have learnt to show respect to people who have a different religion.



In English, we have been writing a mystery story based on chapter 1 of the Beetle Boy but in our own way; we also have been learning about DADWAVERS.


In Science, we have been learning about air resistance and gravity. Air resistance slows down gravity making whatever you drop become slower than normal!


In Maths, we have been learning about missing angles in different 2-D shapes.

By Tia Sohotra & Zenab Khan

Week ending 23rd November 2018

Hello and welcome to our year 6 blog. It’s Isha Shafique and Ashia Yousaf from Lancaster class again. We have had another busy and exciting week in year 6.

Maths: This week we have been calculating how to find out the missing angles. We have learnt 2 very important facts:

  • All angles around a point add up to 360 degrees.
  • All angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees.





English: First of all, in English we have been reading the first chapter of Beetle Boy. My opinion of the book is that it is intriguing. It is a mysterious book by M.G.Leonard. The story has become very exciting since Dr Bartholomew Cuttle has disappeared in strange circumstances and his son Darkus, a young boy, is now living with his uncle Max.





Mind Up: Every Thursday, we have a Mind Up lesson and this week we learnt how to express gratitude. We had a gratitude stone and passed it around in a circle and talked about what we are thankful for. Here are some of our examples:

Science: This week in science, we have been testing air resistance; this is a force that can slow falling objects down. We tested it as a group and found out that size, holes and weight affect the time a spinner takes to reach the ground. We found out that the slowest spinner to reach the ground was the one with 5 paper clips because it had less mass and therefore it had a weaker gravitational pull. The fastest spinner was the one with 15 paper clips because it had more mass (which means it is heavier) there for it had a stronger gravitational pull.


Thanks for viewing our week’s blog . We hope you enjoyed rea

Week ending 16th November 2018

Hello and welcome to our Year 6 blog. It’s Ayaan Khan and Aleezeh Usman from Stirling class again! We have had another busy and exciting week in Year 6.

Parliament Week

On Monday, we had a fantastic start to Parliament Week with a visit from Gavin Shuker, who is our local Member of Parliament for Luton South. Gavin told us about how he became an MP and explained what his job involves. For more information and photos, follow our latest tweets on our Downside Twitter@DownsidePrimary.

In class, we learnt more about what Parliament is, about how laws are made and how MPs debate in the House of Commons. In the afternoon, we had our own class debates.


As part of our work on mystery stories, we are reading Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard. The story has already become very exciting because Dr Bartholomew Cuttle has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Investigations by the police have failed to find him. But how could he have disappeared from a locked room? We can’t wait to read on!


This week we have been calculating and interpreting the mean (or average) of a set of data. We have also completed a ‘Picture Maths’ activity to solve problems involving finding the mean.

Anti-bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, we focused on the word ‘RESPECT’ and how it linked to anti-bullying. Year 6 had to think of words and phrases beginning with the letter ‘T’ of respect. Here are some of the sentences Stirling class came up with:

* Treat others the way you would want to be treated. (Sarina Khan)

* Tolerance is the key to respect. (Eshul Asghar)

* Try to treat everyone fairly and equally. (Qasim Hussain)

We also came up with some actions which show respect, for example: fist bump, handshake and a martial arts greeting. Here are some photographs of the actions we came up with:




Week ending 9th November 2018

Hello and welcome to our year 6 blog. This week’s bloggers are Zhara Khan and Laiba Liaqat from Spitfire class. We have been very busy in year 6!

This week in Spitfire class we have been writing a discussion text about whether or not pupils should be allowed mobile phones in school.

We have also been learning about factors multiples and common factors in maths.

Another thing we have done this week is an activity with Equaliteach Visitors .They taught us that don’t judge a person by their appearance. For example the man with no legs who climbed Mount Everest. We also learnt what a stereotype is. A stereotype is an unfair idea that all people in a group are the same.

This week in topic been we have been writing a description text about a tornado with figurative language.

Week ending 2nd November 2018

Hello and welcome to our Year 6 blog. This week’s blog is courtesy of Tempest class and features Hamid Faizan and Jevonte Seaton. This week we have been very busy as usual!


This week in topic we have been learning about tsunamis and are working towards writing an explanation text based on how tsunamis are formed and how to stay safe if this natural disaster occurred.


We are still reading ‘The Explorer’ – our class is on Chapter 11 so we don’t want to give too many ‘spoilers’ away! We have also been introduced to discussion texts and we are starting to learn how to ‘balance’ arguments for and against successfully.


We carried out our own number investigation this week. We were given number statements and we have to decide whether or not the statements were always true, sometimes true or never true!

‘You & Me’ workshop

This week, Year 6 took part in something special. Two visitors, named Imran and Jonny, came to speak to us about equality and about how we should appreciate each other’s differences. They helped us understand that we are from one race – the human race. The session was so fun and we hope they get to come back and visit us soon.

Week ending 12th October 2018

Hello and welcome to our year 6 blog. This week’s bloggers are Zhara Khan and Laiba Liaqat from Spitfire class. We have been very busy in year 6!

This week in Topic, Spitfire class have been learning about how tsunamis are formed. Tsunamis are formed when two tectonic plates under the sea crash together, causing abrupt movements (an earthquake), this makes the pressure under the sea rise creating a big wave which is known as a tsunami. We also learnt that tsunamis cause a lot of devastation and talked about the current one in Indonesia.

As well as learning about tsunamis we have read more of the explorer and have been answering all types of questions.

In maths we have been converting units of measure as well as solving word problems.

Week ending 5th October 2018

Stirling’s Blog

Hello and welcome to our Year 6 blog.  This week’s bloggers are Ayaan Khan and Aleezeh Usman from Stirling class. As usual, we have been very busy in Year 6!


In literacy, we have enjoyed reading and discussing our class book, ‘The Explorer’. We used our boxing up plan to write a newspaper article based on the plane crash in ‘The Explorer’.


We have continued learning about natural disasters in Topic. This week, we have used our I-pads to locate the 10 most dangerous active volcanoes around the world. In science, we have been testing a range of materials to find out which is the most waterproof and which is the most absorbent.


In PE, Year 6 has been learning how to play badminton and rugby. We’ve learnt how to serve in badminton and we have been taught how to pass in a match situation in rugby.


We have been working hard on rounding whole numbers to the nearest degree of accuracy required and rounding decimals numbers to the nearest whole number.


The children in Stirling class have produced some fantastic examples of learning log homework.  Here are a few examples:


Week ending 28th September 2018

Welcome to our Year 6 blog. We are the Hurricane class bloggers: Tia Sohotra and Zenab Khan.

This week, has been very busy!


We have been learning about the layers of the Earth. These are the key features we have learnt from it such as: The Crust, The Mantle, The Outer Core and The Inner Core. The Crust is around 18 miles thick this is the part that we live on. We will also show you some of our volcanoes that we have been working on.






In Literacy, we have been planning our newspaper report based on The Explorer.


Numeracy lessons this week have focussed on comparing and ordering large numbers.


Hurricane class have been doing excellent homework. We’ll show you some pictures of our fantastic homework.

Week ending 14th September 2018.

Welcome to our Year 6 Blog. This week, it is Tempest Class and we are your bloggers: Abu Saif and Jevonte Seaton. We are settling into Year 6 life and the busy timetable!


Our topic this term is ‘Natural Disasters’ and this week, we have been learning about hurricanes: how they form, where they form and how powerful they can be. We have also been keeping up with the latest news on Hurricane Florence as it destroys many homes and towns across America. It has been really interesting to look at satellite images of the hurricane.


After reading the opening chapter of ‘The Explorer’, we wrote our own adventure story openings in the style of the author (Katherine Rundell).


In our arithmetic groups, we have been working on different key skills. Some of us have been tackling long division!

Week Ending 7th September 2018

Welcome to our Year 6 Blog. This week, it is Lancaster Class and we are your bloggers:  Isha Shafique and Faryal Farooq

We have had a hectic first week back and we have also completed many interesting tasks. Some of these are shown below.


This week in topic, we have been focusing on natural disasters: volcanos, earthquakes, floods, mudslide, tsunamis, droughts and wild-fires. After learning a little about natural disasters, we directed our attention to making volcanos. We stuck some bottles to cardboard and then constructed the volcano around the bottle with paper mache. Next week, we will be painting them and erupting them.


We have started reading a book called The Explorer which is an adventure story set in the Amazon jungle. It has a very tense opening and we will be trying to write our own exciting story opening next week.






Our focus has been on arithmetic this week and we have been working hard on the four operations.

W/C:  29/01/2018

Hi, we are Avram, Maria and Awais from Stirling class – welcome to our blog post!

This week, we have been doing some tests in spelling, reading, arithmetic, grammar and reasoning to practise for our SATs in May. Some of them were quite hard but we tried our best and our teachers are proud. Next week, we are going to see our results.

In literacy, we have been learning about Malala Yousafzai. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping girls go to school. In 2012, she was shot by the Taliban but she survived and now travels the world giving speeches. She is very inspirational.
In our natural disasters topic, we have been learning about layers of the earth. Did you know the core is the hottest part of our planet? We have also made maps of where volcanoes are in the world.

w/c 15.01.18

During the last lively week, this is what we have been learning.

In numeracy, we have been learning how to read graphs (line and time graphs specifically). After this, we tried to use the data to solve several problems followed by reasoning.

Within literacy lessons, we have been practicing our ‘DADWAVERS’ sentences. We have been using them in our mystery stories. Ask us about these and we will be able to give you an example!

During topic, we are learning about natural disasters and how to seek shelter. This linked to our science lesson as we were learning about different materials that could be used to build a shelter.

Some of us have also been preparing for our ‘Inspirations Day’ in a few weeks’ time. We have been looking at many different types of jobs and the qualities a person needs to be able to carry out that job.

Thank you for reading our blog!

Omar Ali and Haider Zaidi

W/C 8/01/2018

Year 6 have been busy, as always, these past few weeks. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

In numeracy, we have been interpreting data and solving some tricky reasoning problems.

In literacy, we are reading Beetle Boy and soon we will be writing our own mystery story.

In reading, some groups are enjoying reading Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen; others are enjoying reading The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman. Soon we will be inviting you into our reading lessons so please do come.

In topic, we are studying Natural Disasters; we really enjoyed erupting our Volcanos.

In games, we are learning all about netball and during PE we have also been learning the Hakka which is a dance performed by the New Zealand rugby team.

Thank you for reading our blog!

By Zara Siddiqha and Alina Choudhury

W/C: 4/12/2017

In this blog, we are going to write about what we have been studying this week. The lessons that we are going to write about include: Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Topic and P.E.

In Numeracy, we have been focusing on 3D shapes such as cubes, cuboids, triangular shapes, tetrahedron and octahedrons. We had to draw and build various nets for 3D shapes. Before this, we were learning about angles such as acute angles, obtuse angles, right angles and reflex angles.


In Literacy, we have been learning about time shifts (flashbacks). We took ideas about how to get into a flashback and discussed authors use flashbacks. Following this, we did a boxing it up plan where we looked at the plot structure and then wrote ideas for a new one which is based in World War 2.


In Science, we are still learning about forces. We had great fun investigating the amount of friction created by different materials such as, plastic, carpet, foam, wood and rubber. We used footprints and toy cars to carry out our experiments on each of the surfaces.

In Topic, the class has been continuing to learn about World War 2. This week we have studied food rationing and we learned what food was rationed. Did you know that children were only allowed 90g of chocolate and 55g of butter a week?

In P.E, we played Tchoukball and football. Tchoukball was created in Switzerland and the rules of the game are: the player can only take 3 steps, you are only allowed 3 passes and then you have to shoot. In football, we learned to pass and shoot with any part of your foot.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you enjoyed it!

By Riyaan and Samme (Stirling class)

W/C 27.11.2017

Hi, this is a brief lowdown on what we have been doing in Spitfire this week.

First of all, in Literacy we have been planning our own story that involves a flashback. Our topic has been WW2 and we have been studying many books associated with life in that era. Therefore, we thought we’d base our flashback scenes around the experience of being an evacuee or during the blitz.
In ICT, we have been creating a short play script that we will film on a green screen and, later on, we will superimpose an image onto the background- it will be very cool.
Moving on to Numeracy, we have been learning about the features of 2D and 3D shapes. The last couple of days have involved an investigation into nets that make 3D shapes. It’s been tough but we are getting there.
Morning intervention has been very popular and there are always loads of us that come in early on Monday and Tuesday to get a head start on the day ahead.
We hope you enjoyed reading our school blog
Spitfire Class


W/C: 06.11.2017

Year 6 have been busy, as always, these past few weeks. In numeracy, we have been solving number investigations and learning all about factors, multiples and prime numbers. We have also been enjoying the `Barvember Challenges`.

In literacy, we are busy writing our discussion text. We are discussing whether or not mobile phones should be allowed in school. Parents, what do you think? We are also delighted that SPAG.COM is now up and running and can be used both in school and at home.

In topic, we have been learning all about `The Frank Family` and have been writing from different points of view.

In RE, we are studying Judaism and have enjoyed learning about the Ten Commandments.

During our ICT sessions, we have designed our own WW2 game using Scratch software. These games can now be played and enjoyed at home.

In science, we are still studying forces. Last week, we carried out experiments linked to water resistance and friction. We had great fun.

In games, we are beginning to master new techniques in tchoukball. It’s a tricky skill but we are getting there.

Thank you for reading our blog!

By Zara Siddiqha and Alina Choudhury Lancaster Class

W/C: 9th October 2017




Hello we are Aamila and Alishba. We are talking about what we did this week in literacy, numeracy, science, PE and topic.

In literacy, we have been planning a diary entry for Bruno. In this chapter, Bruno finds a friend (whose name is Shmuel). We recommend you read this interesting book.

In numeracy, we have been rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth. Below five (0,1,2,3,4) rounds down and five and above (5,6,7,8,9) rounds up.

In science, we have been making and testing paper helicopters to find out how air resistance affects gravity. We discovered that, the larger the blade length, the longer it took to reach the ground. We found out that the larger the surface area, the greater the air resistance.

In PE, we have been focusing on circuit training and different types of fitness workouts like skipping, push-ups and other types of exercises.

In topic, we have been learning about the effects of the Holocaust and how Jewish people were forbidden from doing many things such as swimming in local pools, marry German people, go to the same cinema as them and many other things.

W/C: 25th September 2017

Hi, this is Malaika and Laaiba from Spitfire. We are giving you a quick update on what Year 6 has been up to this week.

First of all, in Literacy we are still studying the book ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. We recently wrote a letter as the main character, Bruno, to his grandmother, who he misses. I would recommend this book for you to read as it is really interesting.

In ICT, we have been making a World War 2 game. We have been trying to improve our coding and de-bugging skills. It is on the scratch website and has been a lot of fun.

Moving on to Numeracy, we have been learning about place value. We have learned the value of each digit in numbers up to 10 million or numbers with up to 3 decimal places. After that, we have begun studying rounding. In rounding, we learned that if the digit is 0,1,2,3 or 4, then you round down but if it is 5,6,7,8 or 9, then you round up. Make sure that you are looking at the appropriate column.

In PE, we are doing rugby. In rugby, when you are passing the ball, you have to pass backwards and low. If you pass forward or over your head, then you give the ball to the other team. For Indoor, we have been doing exercise. We did many different activities, such as: step ups, squats, push ups, star jumps and much more.

We hope you enjoyed reading our school blog. We have been taught by our amazing teacher, Mr Henry and for PE we have been taught by Mr Cook. Come back next week for more information about Year 6.

Malaika and Laaiba

Week beginning 18/09/17

Guest blogger Miss Orrell (Tempest class teacher)

It has been another busy week for us all up in Year 6! Last week as a school, we took part in a ‘Recycling Creative Day’. In our Year 6 classes, we looked at famous artists who use recycled resources to create their pieces of work. In keeping with our World War Two theme, we then had a go ourselves and created some artwork using recycled items. Take a look at some of the pictures of us in action!

Let’s hear what the children have to say…

Arithmetic – We are still working hard to master the four operations! We are proud to say that our Beat It scores are improving. Next week in our numeracy lessons, we will be looking at reasoning.

Topic – We have been doing lots of writing in Topic about the events of World War Two. It is teaching us so much about what life must have been like back then.

Reading – We have been reading Northern Lights in our sessions. It is quite a tricky book to follow but we are really enjoying it!

PE – With Mr Cook, we are currently learning Tag Rugby in preparation for an upcoming tournament. Also, we are having fitness sessions to advance our stamina and strength.


Year 6 – Latest News

Week beginning 11/09/17

Guest blogger Mrs James (Lancaster class teacher)

Welcome back to a new school year! The Year 6 team hope you have had a safe and relaxing summer holiday and are now ready for another school year.

Last week was a great first week back. Even after the long summer break, the children quickly got back into the school routine and showed their willingness and desire to learn – well done year 6! I think I speak for all of the year 6 teaching team when I say that I am excited for the year ahead.

Let’s hear what the children have to say…

Literacy – we have started reading `The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas` by John Boyne. It’s such a great book. We are hooked and can’t wait to continue reading next week.

Arithmetic sets are in full swing – we are working hard to master problems involving all four operations. Feel free to have a look at our parenting arithmetic guide to see what types of questions we are solving.

Topic – this term we will be studying WWII. Take a look at our blitz art work. This was a fun activity which really got us thinking about what it would be like to live during 1939 – 1945.

Reading – Fireweed has been a great hit in our reading sessions this week. We have loved sitting back and listening to the class teacher read. We have also started the Year 6 reading challenge which we are determined to complete.

Games – Mr Matthews has been working us hard during circuit training. We are glad PE is at the end of the day as we are exhausted by the end of the session (thanks Mr Matthews).

· Science – ‘May the FORCE be with you’- yes, you’ve guessed it, we are studying forces. This is what we had to investigate.

How can we find out if the different ideas change the time it takes for an object to reach the floor using paper cake cases, plasticine, a hole punch and a timer?

We will keep you updated with our results and pictures from the experiment.

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