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An overview of  Year 5’s curriculum:

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Year Group Events

E-safety assembly by Google - Be Internet Legends! '

On Tuesday 17th September, children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a special e safety assembly by Google – be internet legends!

The assembly was informative and taught children the importance of staying safe online. Children can visit the website : https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/interland to access Google’s Be Internet Legends . This is an educational programme that empowers younger children to be safe on the online world.


Knife Crime Assembly - June 2019

On Wednesday 12th June, an officer from Bedfordshire Police visited Year 5 to deliver an assembly regarding knife crime.

The aim of the assembly was to inform children about the potential dangers associated with carrying knives or other weapons, but also to ensure that the children know what to do if faced with potentially dangerous situations, and also how to report crimes (or information) to the police.

She provided the children with a website, www.fearless.org , where children can anonymously report any information they have.

School Linking - 22nd January 2019

Hamilton School linking at Stockwood Discovery Centre

On Tuesday 22nd January 2019, Hamilton class met up with Hawk class from Southfield Primary School.

The day was filled with friendship building activities, where the children interacted and worked collaboratively. The children from both schools explored the museum collection; looking at Caravans, Carriages and Lorries .The activity involved measuring ‘wheel sizes’ and answering questions using information from the information cards.

The artefacts in the museum were intriguing and encouraged thought provoking ideas from all children.  This was followed by a practical activity, where the children from both classes, worked in groups to construct a carriage from Meccano. The children formed good relationships and worked in teams to construct a carriage that could carry a member of the group across the hall.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and we look forward to welcoming Hawk class to Downside Primary School.


E-Safety - Year 5 - January 2019

This term the children will be learning about encryption and password security in their ICT lessons. Through their ICT lessons and e-safety lesson, the children will learn how to create a secure password, and the importance of creating strong passwords and why we have passwords when using the Internet. 

The website the children can check our secure passwords are is 


Fire Safety Assembly

On Wednesday 5th December, we had a special visitor in to speak to Year 5. A member of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue service came to talk to us all about the service and their important role in situations where a rescue is needed.

The purpose of her visit was to inform us how to stay safe from fire, in water and on the road, so that we can avoid any situations where we would need rescuing. She gave some useful pieces of advice for us to take on board to help us to keep safe!

Below are some pictures of our assembly.

Rainbow Homework Autumn 1
Egyptian Death Masks

Brampton and Fitzroy class explored how Egyptian death masks could be created using plaster casts. The children took casts of one another’s faces and then painted them using the colours and patterns of original death masks. 

Design Technology Day

In October, the children in year 5 had a technology day where they made a cushion on the theme of the Great Barrier Reef. Firstly, the cushion material was tie- dyed in a range of colours. Next, the children had to sew up the cushion sides and fill out the cushion. The cushions were decorated with felt and sequins to show an underwater scene. The children enjoyed the challenge of the skills involved in needlework.  

Year 5 trip – Sea Life Centre

On Wednesday 11th October, the whole of year 5 travelled to London to visit the Sea Life Centre on the South Bank.

Upon arrival, the groups made their way around the aquarium, studying the sea creatures and learning facts as they went.

The children were able to touch starfish, hold the biggest shark’s tooth that has ever been found and even run their hands along a piece of shark’s skin.

The giant Sea turtles, Blacktip reef sharks and the seahorses proved to be some of the most popular creatures.

The children all had a great time and supplemented their learning in topic lessons.

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