Computing and Online Safety at Downside

Computing and Online Safety at Downside

Online Safety - Advice for Parents

If you or your child is worried and you need additional information regarding E-Safety issues, please click the icon below which will take you immediately to CEOP website:-






Click HERE to view the ‘The Good Gaming Guide’ which contains information for Parent’s regarding parental controls, understanding game ratings and playing advice.

Click HERE to access Digital Parenting guides which offer regular information regarding online issues and advice.  – online safety activities for the whole family – parent online safety advice  – Be internet legends website


Please click on the links below to see some very useful information from Bedfordshire Police:-

Advice for parents and carers from Bedforshire Police about online safety –

Safer Internet Day 2020 resources for parents and carers –

Safer Internet Day 2020 Top tips –

Safer Internet Day 2020 Videos –

Safer Internet Day 2020 Quiz –

When children are researching for homework or looking something up online, it is good to use child friendly search engines. This decreases the chances of them seeing anything inappropriate. The safe search engines we use in school are – kidrex, kiddle and swiggle. 
If your child enjoys watching youtube videos, why not encourage them to use ‘youtube kids’ rather than the original? This ensures they will only see videos suitable for children. 
We know it is important to limit screen time for our children but did you know that android and google devices have a screen time limit feature? This means that no matter what tablet or phone you are using – you can limit their screen time. 
If you are struggling to talk to your child about Internet Safety please click on the following link
If you would like advice specific to the age of your child, click here … 

Activites for Children

Remind yourself of the two stories suitable for your year group by clicking on this link –
After reading the story, have a look at the following activities and choose a couple of your favourites to complete … 

Make a mask

Make a Smartie the Penguin or Daddy and Mummy Penguin plate mask

– You can also use this link to create other penguin crafts.



Colour in Smartie and write some helpful advice 

Have a go at our colouring pages for Smartie and his family and write some advice for him in the speech bubbles.

–  You could stick these up on the wall near your device.  


Write a song 

Write a new verse to accompany Mummy Penguin’s chorus, to help Smartie be safe on the internet.



Make a sock puppet 

Try making a penguin sock puppet to retell the story of Smartie the Penguin

– This site has some simple instructions.



Cartoon storyboard

Retell the story in a cartoon style story-board.




Tell your own story

Come up with your own 3 scenarios which might happen to Smartie and talk about what he should do. 



Have a penguin tea party

Have a Smartie the Penguin tea party for your family to teach them about how to stay safe online.



To explore interland and play to become an internet legend, click here  –  
Download the ‘Own It’ app from BBC on to a tablet. This will help you to develop healthy online habits! Show your parents this link to show them what it’s all about –
Play this game and earn your ‘digital passport’. It will teach you to use technology responsibly –
Visit the purple mash website and log in using your purple mash username and password found in your reading journal. From the home page click on ‘Computing’. Explore as many of the online safety activities that you can!
To see how much you know about online safety, take the online quiz! –  

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