Staff 2020/21

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Downside Primary School Senior Management Team
  • Miss Karen Hooker – Headteacher
  • Mrs Deborah James – Deputy Head
  • Mrs Anne Lacey – Deputy Head
  • Miss Hannah Bell – Assistant Head
  • Mr Neil Dilkes – Assistant Head
  • Mrs Cassie Clark – Assistant Head
  • Ms Hazel Beswick – Assistant Head for Inclusion
Year R Class Teachers
  • Ruby Class – Miss Lauren Dinham (Head of Year R)
  • Coral Class – Miss Alex Smith
  • Opal Class – Miss Emma Harrison
  • Crystal Class – Mrs Jan Hicks
  • Emerald Class – Mrs Andrea McIntyre
Year 1 Class Teachers
  • Beech Class – Mrs Gladis Manning (Head of Year 1)
  • Ash Class – Miss Khadeem Rashid
  • Elm Class – Mrs Khadijah Kausar / Mrs Shaneez Siddique
  • Oak Class – Mrs Daniela Chitescu
  • Willow Class – Ms Lauren Keane
Year 2 Class Teachers
  • Venus Class – Ms Joanne Stuckey (Autumn Term 2021)  Emma Ball ((Head of Year 2) Joanne Stuckey (Spring / Summer)
  • Mars Class –  Ms Askah Batool
  • Mercury Class – Miss Rebecca Cooper
  • Jupiter Class – Miss Olivia Griffith
  • Saturn Class – Ms Rufaida Adwadh
Year 3 Class Teachers
  • King Class – Mrs Haleema Ali (Head of Year 3) – Monday – Wednesday
  • King Class – Mrs Sehrish Nasir – Wednesday – Friday
  • Rockhopper Class – Mr Ben Clarke
  • Emperor Class – Miss Judith Reain
  • Humboldt Class – Ms Mary Okpuzo
  • Adelie Class –  Mr Simon Gibbs
Year 4 Class Teachers
  • Marble Arch – Mr Neil Dilkes (Head of Year 4 / Assistant Head)
  • Baker Street – Mr Nasir Rauf
  • Oxford Circus – Miss Katie O’Brien / Ms Manna Chowdhury
  • Marylebone – Mrs Kajal Shah
  • Piccadilly Circus – Mr Robert Bannan
Year 5 Class Teachers
  • Hamilton Class –  Miss Rafina Khan  (Head of Year 5)
  • Fitzroy Class – Mr Martin Halsey
  • Brampton Class – Mrs Sunita Godhania
  • Mackay Class – Ms Samena Zamarad (Monday – Wednesday)
    Mackay Class – Ms Suki Rajasansi (Thursday – Friday)
  • Wilson – TBC
Year 6 Class Teachers
  • Hurricane Class – Miss Lauren Anderson / Miss Linda Geevanathan
  • Lancaster Class – Mrs Cassie Clark (Assistant Head)
  • Spitfire Class – Mr Tom Henry
  • Tempest – Miss Rebecca Orrell
  • Stirling – Mrs Jusna Shah Mostofa
PE Department


  • Miss Michelle Crosby (PE Teacher)
  • Mr Philip Martin (PE Teacher)
  • Mr Abraham Eze (PE Teaching Assistant)
  • Mr Vincent Forsyth (PE Teaching Assistant)
Music Department
  • Mr Keith Guy
Office / Support Staff


  • Miss Emily Doyle – Clerical Assistant
  • Miss Elysha Narine – Clerical Assistant
  • Mrs Amina Halim – Clerical Assistant
  • Mrs Andrea Hill – Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Amanda East – Finance Manager
  • Mrs Pat McGovern – Finance Assistant
  • Mrs Donna Stone – Medical Assistant
  • Mr Glyne Cockroft – Business / Premises Manager
  • Miss Tabbasum Younis (ICT TA)
Family Workers

We employ three Family Workers at our school:-

  • Mr Praviz Khan
  • Mrs Sobia Khan
  • Mrs Naz Akhteer

Family workers are available to discuss any issues or concerns that parents may have both at home or in school, which may impact on their child’s learning. Family workers regularly liaise with parents on a variety of matters and can help complete or translate documents e.g. application forms for Free School Meals, or housing benefit applications.

If the team are unable to support / help with an issue, they are able to signpost parents to a number of agencies within the local community. In addition, they run parenting classes and offer children opportunities through extended services (e.g. clubs / holiday clubs).

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    Learning Mentors


    • Miss Shaida Nazir
    • Mrs Shahida Akbar
    • Mrs Karen Day
    • Mr Lee Evans

    Since September 2012, we have used some of our Pupil premium money to employ a team of learning and wellbeing mentors.  We believe that there is a strong correlation between a child’s wellbeing and their learning; when a child is happy, they are better able to access learning in the classroom. Our mentors support a wide variety of identified children both in and out of the classroom. Children may be identified for support by anyone, for a wide variety of reasons ranging from falling out with a friend on the playground to a bereavement in the family home. The team run a range of interventions including lunchtime clubs, social skills groups, friendship groups and one-to-one sessions: all are designed to help children feel ready to learn and to get the most out of all that Downside has to offer. Click HERE to find out about our Learning and Wellbeing Team.

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