Pupil Premium Statement – 2020/21

Pupil Premium Strategy Plan – Academic Year 2020-21 




Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received 


Total number of pupils on roll

(based on October census numbers)




Total number of pupils eligible for PPG



Amount of PPG received per pupil


£2345 per LAC


Total amount of PPG receive


£4690 – LAC


Review of previous Pupil Premium spending 2019/20

Last year, pupil Premium money was spent on a variety of different areas: 

  • Training and supporting new Pupil premium Champions
  • Targeted interventions
  • Additional TA support in classes
  • Third Space 1:1 maths intervention
  • Booster classes – before school
  • 1:1 and group tuition – Reading, Writing and Maths
  • Improved tracking of pupils
  • Funding 50% of trips/ residential visits
  • Purchasing / discounting uniform
  • Discounts given for breakfast / after school club when needed
  • Staff training – Reading, LA led courses
  • Wellbeing support – Mentors, Child Psychotherapist
  • Training for Family workers, Learning and Wellbeing mentors on attachment and mental wellbeing.

Due to Covid 19, the school is unable to share the impact of these initiatives.

2020/21 plan for spending

Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils of Downside Primary School addressed through the Pupil Premium Grant provision (see below) 

  • Language skills
  • Reading resilience and fluency
  • Writing – planning and composing a text
  • Aspirations
  • Challenge for and resilience of high ability children
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Learning support at home
  • Emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Breadth of life experience
  • Digital divide – lack of technology in family homes
Action/ approach Target / desired outcome



Dedicated Pupil Premium Champions

Gaps between PP and non PP children to close as the year progresses


More PP children achieve ‘Greater Depth’ at the end of the year and Key Stages

  • Recruit new Pupil Premium Champions – to cover vacancies
  • Pupil Premium Champion Lead – to coordinate the work of the champions.
  • Pupil Premium Champions
  • To track progress and attainment and ensure necessary support is in place.
  • To identify barriers to learning for individual children, including high attainers.
  • To ensure interventions/ provisions are in place to reduce these barriers.
  • To monitor the engagement of all PP children in lessons (especially higher ability)
  • To liaise with class teachers, Learning and Wellbeing Mentors, Family Workers, year leaders and SLT to ensure a cohesive strategy is in place.



Improve attendance / punctuality of PP children Attendance of PP champions increases – leading to better attainment / progress

Heightened concerns re: attendance as a result of Covid – team to work to ensure all children start school and remain in school.

School to:

  • Ensure parents have all the school’s risk measures re: Covid
  • Support anxious parents with regards to Covid – through meetings etc.

AH to :

  • Monitor and improve PP children’s attendance
  • Monitor and improve PP children’s attendance who are persistent absentees
  • Coordinate support for children / parents when attendance is poor
  • Liaise with EWO

Attendance Officer to closely track attendance of all


Family worker to meet with families requesting Term time leave


Proportion of FW and AH salary



Targeted interventions


Gaps between PP and non PP children to close as the year progresses


More PP children achieve ‘Greater Depth’ at the end of the year and Key Stages

Identified staff :

  • To run targeted interventions in key areas linked to specific needs in each year group
  • To measure interventions for impact


 (based on 1 x TA per year group)


Extra teachers and TAs for additional support in Year 2 / 6.


To improve academic outcomes for all, including PP children.


  • Additional Y6 teacher for Maths – 2 hours per week
  • Additional Y6 teacher for Reading – 5 hours per week
  • Additional Y6 teacher to improve outcomes – 1 day per week
  • Additional Y2 TA 3 mornings a week
  • Beanstalk volunteer – to support reading in Year 2 – If able to come in during Covid.
  • Full time TA in every class in Years 2 and 6.



Additional support for Year 6 pupils To improve confidence and attainment in reading, writing and maths for Year 6.

Within Year 6:

  • Small group and 1:1 tuition (10 tutors)
  • 3rd space maths (20 PP children)



Additional support for Key stage 1 children for social skills / oracy To improve children’s play at break / lunch times and develop oracy/ physical wellbeing

TA to be employed to support children during their play times. TA to:

  • Organise games
  • Support children’s social communication skills
  • Ensure play times are a positive time for children,






Wellbeing / mental health support for vulnerable pupils Children’s mental health and wellbeing is supported, leading to improved attainment, progress, behaviour and attendance.

Learning and Wellbeing mentors support children through:

  • Targeted interventions, including supporting their mental health
  • Support in class for behaviour
  • Coordinated work with Family workers re: attendance
  • Clinical psychologist supports children / groups with their wellbeing / mental health

Proportion of salaries:






Speech and Language therapist Children’s communication/speech improves – leading to improved attainment and progress.

Speech and Language Therapist supports children through:

  • 1:1 therapy
  • Reviews of children
  • Meetings with parents / NHS practitioners
  • Training Sp and Lang TAs to support children

Proportion of salaries:



EAL TA to support EAL children Children who are new to the country / struggling with the English Language

EAL teaching Assistants support children by:

  • Assessing through the Bell Foundation
  • Supporting in class
  • Supporting individually / in small groups with language acquisition.

Proportion of salaries:



Family worker support for vulnerable parents / families


Parents feel supported with their parenting and understanding of how to help their child achieve, leading to raised attainment and progress.

Family worker support for parents due to Covid:

  • Ensuring parents understand remote learning expectations
  • Ensuring parents understand how to use Google classroom and how to ask for help if needed.
  • Supporting parents who are self-isolating
  • Ensuring food parcels are organised and delivered/collected
  • Liaise with charity organisations to ensure no family goes hungry

Family Worker to support parents to support their children’s education through (This may not happen due to COVID restrictions):

  • 1:1 support for parents
  • parental support – adult learning courses, parenting packages
  • reading groups – how to read with your child and providing a space
  • homework clubs – led by teachers
  • workshops

This may not happen due to COVID restrictions

Proportion of salaries:





Raise aspiration through:

-Brilliant club participation

-Inspirations day – careers fair

-Young Enterprise in Y6

-Record of enrichment activities through school.


To raise aspirations of pupils.

To raise parents’ aspirations and expectations for their children.

  • Brilliant Club attendance to be at least 50% PP children
  • Inspirations day to be organised and particular attention given to aspirations of PP children. Virtual or in house, depending on Covid.
  • Young Enterprise sessions to inspire children to become young entrepreneurs.
  • PP Champions and Teachers to work with children to record all the additional enrichment activities through their school career in an enrichment book
Greater variety of reading books for PP children to access To ensure PP children have a wide range of challenging texts at their disposal, therefore leading to better attainment / progress in reading / writing
  • Create recommended reading titles and pupil premium libraries for all years
  • Ensure new books are in the libraries


Teacher training through staff meetings / consultant support Improved subject knowledge of teachers – Leading to improved outcomes / progress of all (including Pupil premium children)
  • Staff meeting time dedicated to key SIP areas
  • External consultants / school team to lead



£1000 – part of LA SLA

Teaching Assistant training

Improved subject knowledge of teaching assistants  – Leading to improved outcomes / progress of all (including Pupil premium children)


  • TA training led by WAP to be attended by identified Teaching Assistants
  • A Taking the Lead training through Chiltern Teaching School
  • Internal TA training



Subsidised school uniform for identified families. To enable children to develop a sense of belonging through the wearing of a common uniform.
  • Family workers to support PP children’s parents in purchasing uniform, through discounts.
Subsidised places at breakfast club and after school club – where needed To improve attendance and punctuality, and provide a healthy breakfast at the beginning of the day.
  • Family workers to support PP children’s parents in discounting breakfast club / after school club, as and when needed.

Subsidising trips / activities

Level Trust Summer school

To broaden experiences.

To ensure that children can have conversations about their experiences and contribute more fully to learning in the wider curriculum.

  • All trips / activities (apart from extra-curricular) to be subsidised by 50% for PP children (May not spend all money, as trips reduced due to Covid)
  • Residential trips to be subsidised by 50% for PP children
  • WOW activities to be funded by the school
  • PP children to be targeted for Level Trust Summer School – children to pay, school to pay for adults.
£ 24,000

Provision of milk for all PP children


All children receive milk
  • School to order and pay for milk for all those eligible pupils.

Increased provision for sports / other clubs through greater variety and number of places available.


To develop physical health and wellbeing through sport.

To develop a sense of team and belonging.

Team to offer a wide range of clubs free to all children – PP children to be targeted for participation:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Sewing
  • Kit Car
  • Team building
  • Science
Support for remote learning for LAC 2 x LAC (New LAC Oct 20 and SG) – ensure children have access to technology for homework etc,. School to purchase Chrome Books for these children to enable them to complete homework  / any remote learning. £800 – £1000 (from LAC money – not PP)
Support for remote learning All PP children have access to technology should there be the need, due to classroom

School to identify PP children who will not have access to technology due to isolation.

School to recondition school equipment, use DfE allocation and possibly purchase more equipment, depending on the need.

Currently unknown
TOTAL £311,500

The strategy will be reviewed in July 2021 – where the impact of the above will be measured

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