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An overview of  Year 5’s curriculum:

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Year 5 - Latest News

One full week left at school before half term!! What a busy half term we have had. Let us tell you about some of the work/activities we have been doing.

In Literacy we have been focusing on Ancient Egypt (which is also our topic for this half term). We had to take on the role of an archaeologist and carry out a hunt for a pharaoh’s treasure. In our story we had to write about all the scary things we came across as we tried to escape with our pillage!! The stories we produced, after all the planning and research, turned out really good. We were well pleased and so were our teachers.

In Science we have been looking at the topic of ‘Light’. You would think it a simple thing to just look at an object and you see it!! It is a bit more complicated than that. Light travels in straight lines. But the light reflects off the object before it reaches your eyes. If there is no light source, it is dark!! Therefore you will not see the object. Not as simple as you thought, eh?

As we mentioned above, our topic has been Ancient Egypt this half term. We have had the opportunity to watch short videos and research in to the life of this civilization from a long time ago. We have learnt about Tutankhamen and the many treasures that were found by the archaeologist Howard Carter in the boy king’s tomb. Investigating mummies and pyramids threw up some interesting facts that we never knew e.g. the pyramids were built by a river so that the builders could transport the stones, needed to build the pyramids, by water, which was a lot, lot quicker.

To finish this half term, we are off to the British Museum. One of the many displays in the museum is based on Ancient Egypt. We know it will be very busy but we are determined to have a good time.

What a half term!!.


Year 5 children

Year Group Events


On 10th November 30 pupils from year 5 went to the UK Centre for Carnival Arts in Luton to perform in a concert with Amjad Ali Khan who is a famous musician from India. He has written a new work called Roots of Fire, a fusion of Asian and English traditions, in collaboration with renowned conductor David Murphy. We were one of only three schools in the country chosen to take part in a series of workshops in school with David to learn rhythms and vocal techniques from India to perform with Amjad Ali Khan. He brought some musicians to the workshops so that we could learn about different instruments, and also gave pupils the opportunity to practise conducting.

At the concert we performed excerpts from `Roots of Fire` with the Sinfonia Verdi Orchestra and Amjad Ali Khan under David`s direction. One pupil sang a solo backed by Amjad and the orchestra. Another pupil had the opportunity to conduct the orchestra. After the concert we had photos taken with David and Amjad. The orchestra and Amjad Ali Khan went on to perform the whole of `Roots Of Fire` at a more formal evening concert and used some of the pupils` ideas in that concert. The whole project was an exciting and enjoyable learning experience and we thank David Murphy and all those involved.

Design Technology Day

In October, the children in year 5 had a technology day where they made a cushion on the theme of the Great Barrier Reef. Firstly, the cushion material was tie- dyed in a range of colours. Next, the children had to sew up the cushion sides and fill out the cushion. The cushions were decorated with felt and sequins to show an underwater scene. The children enjoyed the challenge of the skills involved in needlework.  

Year 5 trip – Sea Life Centre

On Wednesday 11th October, the whole of year 5 travelled to London to visit the Sea Life Centre on the South Bank.

Upon arrival, the groups made their way around the aquarium, studying the sea creatures and learning facts as they went.

The children were able to touch starfish, hold the biggest shark’s tooth that has ever been found and even run their hands along a piece of shark’s skin.

The giant Sea turtles, Blacktip reef sharks and the seahorses proved to be some of the most popular creatures.

The children all had a great time and supplemented their learning in topic lessons.

Year 5 - New reading initiative

New update coming shortly

Year 5 - Bikeability

Over the last few weeks, all Year 5 children have had the opportunity to take part in cycle training. They started learning control skills in an off-road environment and then, once everyone was competent to control their cycle, they moved on to quiet residential roads where they learnt road positioning, right of way and how to deal with other road users, using a logical, confidence building framework. The children have developed a valuable life skill and they thoroughly enjoyed it



Archived News from Year 5

Week beginning 22nd January 2018

This week, the children are continuing to write their historical narrative stories in which the main character enters a tomb to retrieve a piece of treasure but not everything is as it seems! The children have been working really hard to engage their reading and to ensure that the suspenseful mood is maintained throughout.

In Numeracy, Year 5 have been refining their addition and subtraction skills when working with decimal numbers. We have revisited our place value knowledge to ensure that our digits are lined up correctly in our written methods.
See if your child can spot the mistakes here:





The topic of ‘Light’ has been continuing in science lessons. This week, we have investigated what happens to our reflection when looking at a piece of flat and scrunched up foil. The children have worked hard to accurately show this process in a ray diagram. Ask your child, ‘Why is our reflection clearer when the foil is flat?’. Can they tell you what happens to the amount of light that is reflected and explain why?

Week Beginning 8th January 2018

This week the children have begun learning about how to write a historical narrative story based on the Egyptians. They have watched an animation where the mood was humour, and the children will learn how to change this mood into horror, and then write their own story.

In Numeracy, the children have worked really hard and have learnt how to change improper fractions into mixed numbers, and how to multiply fractions by whole numbers.

Here is an example that your child can have a go at!   x 4

In ICT this week, the children have begun to look at codes and how we can communicate using them. The first code the children had to decipher was ‘semaphore’. This is where coloured flags are held in positions to represent a letter.

Have a look at Brampton Class demonstrating these! 

In Topic this week, we have been archaeologists! We have learnt the skills required to dig up ancient Egyptian artefacts, and then found out what these artefacts were used for. The children found artefacts in the sand using brushes and trowels.

W/C 8th January

Welcome back. We have now started our new Egyptians topic which we are really excited about! The children have also received their new rainbow homework tasks and will need to complete four of these by the end of the term. Last term’s were absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait to see what the children produce this time.

In Literacy we have read a poem called the Malfeasance. We have made sure that we really understand it and have discussed what it might actually be about. We have also been working on writing it from a different perspective.

During our Maths lessons, we have been continuing our work on fractions and have been learning how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Can’t wait for the rest of the term!

W/C: 11/12/2017

As Christmas is edging closer and closer, the weather has become more colder and snowier. As such, the school had to be closed on Monday due to the weather. Nonetheless, this did not stop us from continuing with our work on the topic of the Solar System.

Throughout the week, all of the Year 5 classes were given the opportunity to create the information texts on the Solar System that we had been preparing in our literacy lessons. We used Microsoft Publisher to achieve this and we were quite pleased with the pages that we created! (click on the names below to see a few examples:-

 Amar  Jannah  Muskaan

In our topic lessons, we were learning about meteorites and how craters are created. To help us to understand more, we conducted an experiment by dropping rocks into a sand tray and measured the length and breadth of the crater created in the sand. We were then divided into groups and investigated whether changing the size of the rock, the height the rock was dropped from and the dampness of the sand affected the size of the crater. This was tons of fun!

Using the materials we brought in from home, the Year 5 classes worked in creating our very own Mars Rovers. We used things such as cardboard and lids to make buttons and shape our individual rovers. We then covered them in tin foil when we had finished. Scroll below to see some of our Mars Rovers!

We were treated to two pantomimes this week in Year 5. Firstly, on Wednesday, we all attended ‘Aladdin’ (which was held in the assembly hall). It was fantastic! On Thursday, some Year 5’s attended ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ in Luton Library Theatre. The songs were very catchy and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

W/C: 30/11/2017

With just a couple of weeks to go before the Christmas holidays, things are really hotting up in     Year 5. We know the holidays are approaching because the Christmas trees have arrived in school!!

In our literacy lessons we have completed our marathon look at science fiction. As well as ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H G Wells, which we thoroughly enjoyed, we looked at an extract from a book by John Christopher called ‘How we were tracked by a tripod’. Other short stories were called ‘The Specimen’ by Tim Stout, ‘The Boy, the Dog and the Spaceship’ by Nicholas Fisk and ‘Bobo’s Star’ by Glenn Chandler. If you have the opportunity to read any of these, we thoroughly recommend them. We have now moved on to information texts and we are linking it with our Topic, Science and ICT.

Our Topic and Science subject for this half term is the Solar System and already we have found out so much about space that we didn’t know before. In our ICT lessons we are creating a web page about a planet of our choice. Good fun all round.

We have been told by our teachers that one of the many highlights of the first term in Year 5, is when we get the opportunity to build our very own Mars Rover. Stay in touch with our weekly blog to see our results!!

Our meetings with our partner schools for School Linking all went very well. We had a good time meeting the children from The Meads and St Martins up at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. We will be meeting them again next term.


Year 5 children

2nd November 2017

What a busy first week back at school it has been. We have just started our topic for this half term which is the Solar System. Our first lesson was investigating the important people who have been involved and very important  in our understanding of space (Galileo, Pythagoras, Edwin Hubble and Dr Al Globus). Did you know Dr Globus thinks we will be living on other planets in our solar system before the end of this century!!!

One of the things we enjoy in maths is using different equipment to calculate, construct and interpret. This week we have been learning how to read and draw angles using a protractor. Difficult at first to understand but when you get the hand of it, it is really cool!!

Science fiction is our focus in literacy and we have started off by reading parts of ‘The War of the Worlds’ by HG Wells. In parts it is quite a scary story. Imagine if Martians came to our planet today? What would they look like and what would they do?

We are also preparing to meet our School Linking partner classes this half term. Our link schools are The Meads and St Martins.

One really good thing about our first week back was that our teachers had to come to work on Friday and we didn’t!


Year 5 children

W/C: 18-09/2017


This week we start our reading project, which is based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis. Over the next few weeks we will carry out many activities to help us understand the story. A few of us in Year 5 have seen the film but we have been assured by our teachers that the book is much more exciting!!



3 R’s

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the end of last week, we spent some time thinking about recycling and how very important it is for the environment. We discussed the 3 R’s. After a lot of discussion we then had to create a ‘model’ or something to do with the ocean floor (our topic this half term). To make the model we used all of the recycling material we had collected over the week and brought in to school. It was a good day of working on something completely different.

Bicycle training.

Over the next few weeks all of the year 5 children will be having training on how to ride a bike. The training includes things like, understanding how a bike works and more importantly, the rules of the road! We are all looking forward to it.

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