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An overview of  Year 5’s curriculum:

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Year 5 - Latest News

9th May 2017


This half term in science we are ‘Separating Mixtures’. One of the lessons involved using different types of sieves to separate mixtures. The weather has been quite pleasant lately so one of the year 5 classes decided to do their sieving outside.

Unfortunately at one point the weather did liven things up a bit and there was sand and gravel flying everywhere!! At least we didn’t have to worry about clearing up.

Anglo Saxons

Our topic at the moment is Anglo Saxons. We enjoyed learning about the different jobs they had to do. Children didn’t have to go to school but instead had to help out around the village, especially with livestock. We were not sure if that would be the type of life we would like to lead.

We are also discovering that The Anglo Saxons had a wide variety of gods and believed in giants, elves, goblins and monsters!!

Religious Education

We have been focusing on the different types of religions in Luton. One of our lessons was to focus on a particular religion, research it and then give a presentation to the rest of the class. We didn’t mind researching but presenting our findings was a bit more challenging.



Year Group Events

Reading Buddies

This year all the classes in Year 5 have been working on paired reading with children in Year 1. Each week, the two classes meet up to share a suitable book. The Year 5 pupils act as a role model, offer encouragement and explain unfamiliar vocabulary. As a result, the younger children have more interest in reading and have grown in their confidence and understanding.  In addition, children in Year 5 have developed their communication skills and their understanding of the process of how we learn to read. They have also shown a fantastic sense of responsibility and a caring attitude towards the younger children.  

Anglo Saxon Day

On Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd of May Year 5 experienced an Anglo Saxon day. The children learnt about the Anglo-Saxons through activities such as handling artifacts,  writing with ink and feathers and battle move training. The fascinating day was led by Cathy Murphy, an expert in Anglo Saxon history and experienced teacher. 

Year 5 Residential Trip - Shortenills

Week commencing 15th May 2017

This week in Year Five, twenty of us went on an exciting adventure to Shortenills for our residential. With Mr Dilks and Miss Avery-Clarke, we discovered how to read maps, sang around campfires, learned about recycling and nature, and built our own shelters out of branches and bracken. We had a fantastic time exploring the natural world and have made many great memories together.

Year 5 - New reading initiative

Parents and carers of Year 5 children were invited to a presentation about our new reading initiative. We hope to improve children’s reading by encouraging them to read more challenging texts at home. Year 5 will be studying the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. If you were unable to attend please follow the link to the information that parents were given at the meeting.

Click HERE


Year 5 - Christmas Assembly

This week Year 5 performed this Christmas assembly to parents. They explained about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and also performed their own version of the nativity!

Year 5 - Bikeability

This week in Year 5, Brampton and Hamilton have been learning different bike skills.
For some children this has given them the confidence to be able to ride their bikes without support, while others have had the opportunity to learn how to ride their bicycles on the road! They have  been learning how to signal to other road whilst being aware of potential hazards.



Year 5 Visit The Mall

Children in Year 5 were given the opportunity to find out more about management roles at The Mall in Luton.  They had a fascinating day finding out what goes on behind the scenes and even came up with ideas about what the Mall might look like in the future!

We even made the papers – click HERE to find out more!





Year 5 - Literacy

Please have a look at some of the fantastic work that children have been doing in Literacy recently.


Aminah Rizvan – Hamilton  Nafeesa Manallah – Wilson  Zara Siddiqha – Mackay




Archived News from Year 5

24th March 2017

Ann Frank

This term in our R.E. lessons we have been looking at people who inspire us. One of the people we have been learning about is Ann Frank. It was amazing what she went through during World War Two with her family. If you get the opportunity to read her diary, you will learn why she was so inspirational to so many people.

Red Nose day

All of the school took part in raising money for Comic Relief. We all came to school in non-uniform and brought in £1 for a very good cause. We still had normal lessons but managed to get out in the bright sunshine at the end of the day.

Skellig cakes!!!

This half term in literacy lessons we are reading the book by David Almond called Skellig. The cover of the book shows a man with wings!! We are nearly at the end of the book and the suspense is killing us!!! We do not know what’s going to happen!!

One of our homework options was to make a Skellig cake. A lot of us had a go and brought them in to school to share with our classmates and teachers.

27th February 2017

This week we had some interesting visitors during one of our assemblies. They put on a show for us on how to be safe online. We had a lot of fun singing along with their songs on protecting ourselves, E Safety rules and how to have fun while staying safe.
Speaking of safety, we needed to go over our science safety rules this week as we have been doing several scientific experiments on dissolving salt in different liquids and finding out about soluble and insoluble materials. It has been a lot of fun and we have discovered new things about how dissolving works.


Author visit

On Wednesday 22nd February, we were visited, in our classrooms, by the children’s author      William Hussey. He has written many books for children and shared with us how he plans his stories. As well as talking about his story writing, we also, as a class created a storyboard for a book of our own. We enjoyed our time working with him.



A rocking good time!!

All the children in year 5, on Thursday 23rd February, had the opportunity to have a rocking good time with the ex-drummer of rock band Status Quo, Alan Rich. He showed us many different types of drums and we were able to participate in many ‘noisy’ activities!!




This half term in literacy lessons we are going to be reading the book by David Almond called Skellig. The cover of the book shows a man with wings!! We can’t wait to find out who or what Skellig is.



The children have started a historical fiction unit and are reading extracts from Street Child by Berlie Doherty to support their learning.

Children have been describing a setting that they will use later in their own version of the story.    

Malaika – Wilson Class


In maths the children have been focusing on statistics. They have been interpreting information from tables and using data to draw graphs.


We have now started our Egyptians topic and have begun by comparing Egypt and the UK. Children have also been inspired by our new creative homework challenges! These are some of the pieces of homework we have received





Over the last two weeks we have been enjoying a short extract from ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H G Wells. We really enjoyed reading about how the Martians had landed on Earth in the early nineteenth century and the devastation they caused. Our task was to imagine what would happen if we were in the same situation as the people in the story and the Martians were coming towards us? We took on the role of the writer and really enjoyed imagining what would happen next.



Maths can sometimes be more enjoyable when it gets a bit practical. This week we have been using protractors to construct and measure angles. It is a real challenge using a protractor and being accurate to the nearest degree. Fun as well.



One of our classes spent the day at the outdoor activity centre, Shortenills, in Buckinghamshire. We had a really great day. In the morning we did orienteering (exhausting!!) and the afternoon was spent learning about trees!! It was fascinating to learn how to calculate the age of a tree and to find out that there are so many different species of trees!!

It is great to go out for the day from school. It gives us a chance to mix with our friends out of the classroom.

4th November 2016

This week in Year 5 the children started their new topic ‘The Solar System’.  They started by thinking about what we already know about the topic and deciding what they would like to find out.  The children seem very excited about learning more!

pic-1-1 pic-2-1

In Maths we have been learning about percentages and how these relate to fractions and decimals.





pic-4-1 We also started our Science-fiction unit in literacy by reading an extract from War of the Worlds and will soon be writing our own stories.

3rd October 2016

In literacy, year 5 have been looking at examples of persuasive writing and discovering what techniques really persuade people. We then used our learning about the Great Barrier Reef to create  a leaflet that persuades people that the Reef needs protecting. Read a few examples of our work and see what you think. 
In Maths, we have been building our brain power by using different mental methods for addition and subtraction of large numbers. 
In science we have been investigating electrical circuits and can now represent our circuits using standardised electrical circuit diagrams.

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