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An overview of  Year 5’s curriculum:

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Year 5 - Latest News

2nd November 2017

What a busy first week back at school it has been. We have just started our topic for this half term which is the Solar System. Our first lesson was investigating the important people who have been involved and very important  in our understanding of space (Galileo, Pythagoras, Edwin Hubble and Dr Al Globus). Did you know Dr Globus thinks we will be living on other planets in our solar system before the end of this century!!!

One of the things we enjoy in maths is using different equipment to calculate, construct and interpret. This week we have been learning how to read and draw angles using a protractor. Difficult at first to understand but when you get the hand of it, it is really cool!!

Science fiction is our focus in literacy and we have started off by reading parts of ‘The War of the Worlds’ by HG Wells. In parts it is quite a scary story. Imagine if Martians came to our planet today? What would they look like and what would they do?

We are also preparing to meet our School Linking partner classes this half term. Our link schools are The Meads and St Martins.

One really good thing about our first week back was that our teachers had to come to work on Friday and we didn’t!


Year 5 children

Year Group Events

Design Technology Day

In October, the children in year 5 had a technology day where they made a cushion on the theme of the Great Barrier Reef. Firstly, the cushion material was tie- dyed in a range of colours. Next, the children had to sew up the cushion sides and fill out the cushion. The cushions were decorated with felt and sequins to show an underwater scene. The children enjoyed the challenge of the skills involved in needlework.  

Year 5 trip – Sea Life Centre

On Wednesday 11th October, the whole of year 5 travelled to London to visit the Sea Life Centre on the South Bank.

Upon arrival, the groups made their way around the aquarium, studying the sea creatures and learning facts as they went.

The children were able to touch starfish, hold the biggest shark’s tooth that has ever been found and even run their hands along a piece of shark’s skin.

The giant Sea turtles, Blacktip reef sharks and the seahorses proved to be some of the most popular creatures.

The children all had a great time and supplemented their learning in topic lessons.

Year 5 - New reading initiative

New update coming shortly

Year 5 - Bikeability

Over the last few weeks, all Year 5 children have had the opportunity to take part in cycle training. They started learning control skills in an off-road environment and then, once everyone was competent to control their cycle, they moved on to quiet residential roads where they learnt road positioning, right of way and how to deal with other road users, using a logical, confidence building framework. The children have developed a valuable life skill and they thoroughly enjoyed it



Archived News from Year 5

W/C: 18-09/2017


This week we start our reading project, which is based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis. Over the next few weeks we will carry out many activities to help us understand the story. A few of us in Year 5 have seen the film but we have been assured by our teachers that the book is much more exciting!!



3 R’s

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the end of last week, we spent some time thinking about recycling and how very important it is for the environment. We discussed the 3 R’s. After a lot of discussion we then had to create a ‘model’ or something to do with the ocean floor (our topic this half term). To make the model we used all of the recycling material we had collected over the week and brought in to school. It was a good day of working on something completely different.

Bicycle training.

Over the next few weeks all of the year 5 children will be having training on how to ride a bike. The training includes things like, understanding how a bike works and more importantly, the rules of the road! We are all looking forward to it.

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