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An overview of Year 1’s curriculum:

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6th November to 13th November  2016


In literacy we have been learning about fantasy settings and fantasy characters. We have been reading some magic key stories and the home corners in each of the year 1 classrooms have been set up using the ideas from these books. We read the story WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak. This was about a little boy who dressed up in a wolf costume, his bedroom then changed into a jungle.





During the next couple of weeks, we will create our own fantasy settings and characters and produced our own fantasy stories. 


This week, during science, the year 1 children have been looking at different animals.  Children have been classifying animals in different ways.


To inspire the teaching of money, children had the opportunity to try a variety of activities like handling real coins and matching their values with objects. 

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9th  October to 16th October  2017

It’s hard to believe we’re now getting ready for the last week of this half term!

We’ve been busy these last two weeks learning about the World Around Us; we had our Wow day, where the children were given a mock passport so they could understand why passports are important documents. They went to different classes where their passports were stamped in the same way as when entering a foreign country. We learnt about China, Italy, France, Australia, and India: their capital cities, their flags, their languages, and their most important landmarks.

It’s exciting to see the number of parents taking the time to come to the Year 1 classrooms to support the children with their Friday morning Morning Challenge between 8:45am and 9:00am. Thank you!

In Numeracy, we had lots of hands on activities, learning about addition and number bonds to 10; the children used cubes to find different ways to make the number 10.

When reading your story books at home, try to remember the tip of the week: this week, the tip is “I sound out and blend the phonemes”.

Try reading the HFW words by yourself: these are in the children’s pink learning journals.

Wishing everyone a wonderful half term!

The Year 1 Team

17th September and 30th September 2017

These last two weeks, we welcomed several new children from several countries. Our children have worked hard helping these children settle to new routines and teaching them key words. Well done!

On Friday 22nd September, we enjoyed our non–uniform day. All children were very sensibly dressed and we appreciate the support given. All money collected is going to a good cause. We also would like to thank you for all your support given by buying cakes after school, again all money collected is going to charity.

Over the last couple of weeks in Numeracy, we’ve been learning to count up to ten. We’ve been representing numbers using different objects and we have been comparing different amounts, using key vocabulary such as: more than, less than, fewer than, the most or the least.

In Literacy, we learnt how to use labels and captions. The children wrote different labels for the classroom and extended their captions using the conjunctions either ‘and’ or ‘because’.

At playtimes, the children have enjoyed playing with the toys in the playground.

The weather is changing, it is getting cold so please ensure your children bring a coat to school and that it is clearly labelled.

I would like to remind parents that our open morning is on Friday, doors open at 9:45 am and you are welcome to stay until 9:00 am.

Thank you,

Mrs. G. Manning and the Year One Team.

4th September and 17th September 2017

We’ve had a fantastic time so far in Year 1; most children are completely settled into the new routines. They’re looking very smart in their uniforms.

On Fridays, we’ve enjoyed the support of the parents during our morning challenge sessions – thank you and please do keep coming to support our children, it’s a great opportunity to work with your child in their new classroom environment.

Over the last couple of weeks in Numeracy, we’ve been learning to count up to ten. We’ve been representing numbers in numerals, writing them in words, and drawing objects that represent each number.

In Literacy, we read the book ‘The Train Ride’ in the first week back. We’re now reading Sailor Bear, writing complete sentences describing how the main character feels, and using the conjunction ‘because’ to explain how we know.

At playtimes, the children have enjoyed playing with the toys in the playground.

I would like to remind parents the weather has turned cold a lot earlier this year so please ensure your child brings a coat to school every day.

Thank you,

Mrs. G. Manning and the Year One Team.

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