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W/C: 13.11.2017

In Literacy we focused on Cinderella. We found out how Cinderella went to the ball.  Her stepmother and two sisters were very unkind to her.  They made her work so hard that was why she was dusting in Old Mother Hubbard’s house.  It is important we help each other especially after we have made a mess.  That is why; we all help to tidy up.

Cinderella had to come back before midnight. In Numeracy we used our big clock and watch to learn about different times of the day and what we do at that time. At midnight we are all asleep, it is very dark outside but at midday, we have our lunch and we play outside because the sun is out. 

We have learnt the c, k and ck sound during our phonics lessons.  To help us write the c, we are shown a card with a caterpillar on it and say the phrase: Curl around the caterpillar as we write it.  To remember the k, we were shown a picture of a kangaroo and say the phrase: Down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg.  We are also learning to recognise tricky words – these are words we cannot use our sounds to blend. Our tricky words this week are, no, go and to.


Outside we learnt to use the language of weight. We compared weight by saying whether objects are heavy or light. We felt Cinderella’s pumpkin to describe its weight. Then we were introduced to the large balance scales.  Scales help us to measure weight. We pretended our arms were scales and had to predict which objects will be heavier before we felt them.

We went on an Autumn walk and collected leaves and used them to make autumn crowns. We had a range of activities that linked  to the story of Cinderella such as wand making, crown making, designing Cinderella’s ball gown, drawing Cinderella and writing the characters names. We even pretended to go to the ball. We wore our wonderful clothes and danced!





Year Group Events

Autumn Holiday Homework
Celebrate Our First Term

To celebrate our work this term we invited our parents and carers to come and see our wonderful creations. We really enjoyed showing then explaining how we made  them. We  are all  very proud of  our achievements!

Library Visit

We went to the library this week.  It was a great opportunity for us to learn about all the excellent resources within the library and how using these can make a real difference to our learning.  We had lots of fun meeting the librarian, listening to stories and choosing books.  Now we will be encouraging our parent to take us!

Recycling Day

We had great fun on Recycling Creative Day.  We discussed the area we live in and how we can care and look after it by recycling items.  We used various everyday objects to make models and puppets to tell stories.  It was wonderful to use recycle materials  that we would normally throw away to make something else. 

Archived News from Year R

w/c 9th October

We have had great fun learning this week in reception.  In literacy, we brought in our special toys.  Then discussed why it was special to us.  We used the iPad to take photograph of them.



In our creative area we have been exploring clay.  It felt nice and smooth.  We enjoyed the experience and look forward to making dinosaurs with it.


We started recognising 2D shapes in maths and started to identify circles, square, triangle and rectangles.  The hunt to match shapes to objects was fun

During our outside learning, in our maths lesson we learnt different sizes using the vocabulary large and small. In our physical development session we learnt that it is better for us to run sensibly, looking where we are going. Also how to be a good friend and play nice games together. 


Every week in our phonics lesson we learn new sounds, this week we learnt the letter n and the letter p.  To help us write the n, we say the phrase: down Nobby, over his net. To remember the p, we saw a picture of the pirate’s face and say the phrase: down the plait and over the pirate’s face. 







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