Art and Music at Downside

Art at Downside

Thursday after school Art Club is open to Year 2 to Year 6 pupils. Sessions have been focussed on using different drawing and painting media and on developing observational and sketching skills. The children always enjoy mixing their own colours from powder paint and are able to use the correct technique.

The children looked at artist’s depictions of William Shakespeare and drew and painted his portrait. They also drew and painted portraits of themselves and of their friends.  They then created portraits using modelling clay. Some of the children decided to create heart shaped clay plaques, on which they engraved letters and words dedicated to their special friends.

Most recently, the children experimented with scratchboards and scraping tools to produce some colourful letters and images, which will make up the title for Mr Guy’s display of CD covers. These CD covers are entries to the competition to produce a winning cover for our new school music CD.

Year 1 and Year R children are able to attend the KS1 Friday lunchtime Art Club and have also been drawing and painting portraits of themselves and their friends.

After their Chinese New Year lunch, children were keen to look at images of roosters and create their own drawings, paintings and clay models of this proud and colourful bird.

Year R children have also been drawing, painting, and making stick puppets of the Gruffalo and other story characters.

KS2 Friday lunchtime Art Club children have also been working on drawing portraits, with an emphasis on using lines to ensure that faces are drawn using the correct proportions.

Artwork for The Leagrave Centre


Pupils from Luton schools were asked to provide artwork to be displayed in the Council office spaces at The Leagrave Centre. Children who attend our After School Art Club painted some colourful pictures of birds and submitted them.

We were very pleased to hear that staff at the Centre were impressed with the children’s creativity, and have chosen three particular “stand out pieces” to be displayed in frames.

The children who produced these impressive artworks are Hibba Zaman, Aminah Khan and Maleah Francis. Each of these three children has received a £10 Amazon voucher, and all of the children were thanked for their hard work and effort.

After school club - paint mixing - portraits of Shakespeare
After school club - sketches of Shakespeare
After school club - portraits of friends
After school club - clay portraits and plaques to friends
After school club - scratchboards for music CD display
Lunchtime Art Club Year R – drawing and painting the Gruffalo
Lunchtime Art Club Year R – making Gruffalo stick puppets
Lunchtime Art Club - Year 1 paintings and models of roosters.

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