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‘Anti-bullying’ week - 2017

The children have all been taking part in a number of anti-bullying activities – linked to last week’s ‘Anti-bullying’ week. All children have had assemblies relating to what bullying is and what it is not. Children in Key Stage 2 have also looked at the effects of bullying. Our peer mentors have been working with the team to write a new child-friendly Anti-bullying policy and this is currently with the School Council for their feedback. 

Last week, we had a ‘Mannequin challenge’, where a group of children from each Key Stage 2 class designed a freeze frame showing one of the four types of bullying. All groups were then filmed doing their freeze frames on the field. Click HERE to see the results


Values Conference

Peer Mentors with Neil and Jane Hawkes

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, five committed and excited Peer Mentors from Downside Primary School took part in an innovative ‘School Values Conference’ hosted by Southfield Primary School in Luton.

Our positive playground role models were excited to meet Neil and Jane Hawkes, guest speakers and pioneers of Values Based Education, and explore school values alongside children from other primary schools. There was a great turnout of twelve schools with over 90 children and adults all eager to engage in the activities. Neil set the scene with a thought provoking story about about the importance of communication.

Then the children embarked on a value learning journey through different activities set out in carousal. It was a vibrant scene of diversity, with enthusiastic children and dedicated adults from different schools collaborating. There were Interesting in debates, poster making, team building, communication games, problem solving, making harmony bracelets and other creative activities which prompt the values that guide our thinking and behaviour every day.

Children from different schools display unity

Celebrating DPS Peer Mentors values poster

‘I wish this day doesn’t end’, said one of our peer Mentors – sadly the day had to come to an end. However it ended with a celebration of the children’s hard work throughout the day and uplifting words by Neil and the organisers of how successful they felt event was. Jane Hawkes’s closing words were, ‘After meeting you all and being at this event, I am very hopeful of the future of our schools, communities and this country’.

We will now support our peer mentors to champion the school values in their role. Great big thanks to Southfield Primary School and all the other schools that assisted in organising this great event. The School Values Conference was indeed a valuable experience that we hope to see continue.

To see the video of the conference please click here


School Council Conference

On Tuesday 23rd May, representatives from the school council joined with other school councillors from the West Area Partnership to take part in the 2017 school council conference.

The children helped to create a square piece of art that joined with other school’s squares to create a fabulous piece portraying friendship and harmony. The children also learned a dance routine taught by year 9 dance students from Challney High School for Girls. Following a delicious lunch, the children then toured Woburn and met a variety of interesting animals. Seeing seals and penguins swimming underwater was fabulous whilst being close to their fish eating habits was super smelly!

All the children were a credit to the school and behaved beautifully throughout the day. Some made new friends from other schools and some even conquered fears by standing very close to lemurs and allowing parrots to land on them!

Well done to everyone who took part in the day.



Kit Car Race day 2017

On Saturday 20th May,’ Team Shadow’ of DPS’s Kit Car Club cheered home again with the Green Power Spirit Award from the Greenpower Goblin Race day event in Luton Sixth Form College.  This is the 3rd year running the school Kit Car Club in which children assemble a battery powered go kart which can then be raced at competitive events.

Team Shadow went up against fierce competition this year. They raced their way to the semi-finals of the sprint race where our racing came to end. Although the team did not come away with any racing trophies this year, team shadow showed their passion, enthusiasm and support for all of the other teams throughout the event. They deserved and received the events favourite award, ‘The team with the best Greenpower Spirit’.

Mercedes Benz trip

As we entered Mercedes show room, we could spot some amazing cars like; E class coupe, G wagon and A45. After gazing around we were greeted by some lovely staff. We were given some visitor badges that we placed on our well-presented uniform and had our picture taken at the front desk with some of the staff who worked there.

Next we visited the head salesmen’s office; which was big, where again we had pictures taken and sat in his chair!  Afterwards we were taken to the tools and parts department where we could see a mind blowing amount of tools like; spanners ‘Allen keys etc. We looked at one shelf which had 60 trays in it; each tray had nuts and bolts in them. Connected to the trays was a huge chain that automatically lifted the trays to the third floor. The man in charge gave us an informative talk and answered our questions.

After that, we entered the workshop where the cars were being fixed. We saw a car being lifted by a car lift. We had the opportunity to question a tyre mechanic. One of our questions was to find out why it is important to have the right amount of PSI. His answer informed us that if the pressure was less, then the tyre would wobble off; and if the pressure was too much you would not be able to turn fully. After exiting the workshop we had a brief talk about Mercedes and our Kit car. The talk was kindly led by the head of sales.

Lastly, we had a tour of the whole showroom and we were lucky enough to sit in the new cars.  We were then pleasantly surprised by some cakes and goody bags. Unfortunately it was time to head back to school.

Our experience at Mercedes was totally amazing!  We were very lucky to be given this opportunity to visit.  Understanding how the car industry works helped us greatly with our project and gave us huge motivation to work in a variety of careers, such as mechanics, engineering, sales and business.

Forest School

The adventure begins! DPS Forest School launched its first fun adventure to children during the Easter break. The DPS explorers learnt about survival shelters, fire lighting, outdoor tools, bush craft and other wild and exciting activities.

Forest School is a unique way for children to explore nature and make exciting discoveries. It enables children to use imagination, be creative and become adventurous outdoors! It teaches them to appreciate, enjoy and look after the natural world around them. Children are set up to achieve and thrive on their success, which in turn helps to develop self-esteem and independence.

Osmington Bay Residential Trip - 2017

On the weekend of 24th – 26th March 2017, 35 pupils from Years 3 – 6, had a fabulous time at Osmington Bay, Weymouth.  As you can see from the photos the weather was fantastic and all the pupils had the opportunity to try activities that they may never have tried before.

The Big Pedal Bike Breakfast

On Monday 20th March, to mark the start of the Big Pedal competition, we held a bike breakfast. Children from all year groups were encouraged to bike or scoot to school and join us for a free breakfast. Also in attendance on the morning was our bike officer Richard and his amazing smoothie making bike. Children took it in turns to pedal as fast as they could to blend fruit into a delicious smoothie. This proved very popular and got many children trying fruit smoothies for the first time! All in all the bike breakfast was a huge success and a fantastic opportunity to bring all year groups together for a healthy yet fun event.

School Council Conference - Flower

Last year, representatives from our school council met with representatives from 10 other schools at a WAP school council conference. The theme of the conference was unity and diversity.

Amongst other things, the children all made a petal for a large flower that showed the beauty of diverse designs being joined together in unity. The children were supported by pupils from Challney Girls High School and members of the Luton Carnival Arts group.

This flower has been travelling around the participating schools and last week it was our turn to receive the art work from members of Beechwood’s school council. Later this term, we will be handing the flower to Chantry Primary’s school council.

Well done to everyone who attended the conference: the flower is beautiful.

On 8th March 2017, representatives from our school council handed the Flower to Chantry Primary Academy.

Year 6 - Inspiration Day

On Thursday 9th February, Downside held it’s annual Inspirations day. Year 6 pupils and parents were invited to speak to a range of volunteers from different education providers and careers. The children had researched careers they would be interested in doing in the future and came up with a range of questions to ask the volunteers to gain a further insight into a range of jobs. These included: caterers, architects, people in the aviation industry, nurses and many more. 

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and Year 6 left feeling very inspired and with lots of freebies to take home!

The delegates who attended the Inspiration Day where:-

Magic Words Therapy Shire Foundation and Teacher Training

NPS Property Consultants

Eventz 4U Lifeskills

Central Bedfordshire college

Barnfield College

Luton Libraries

London Luton Airport

The Mall 

Food Counts Ltd

Luton Probation Services

Department for Work and Pensions

Luton Apprentices



Click here to read some of their comments.

The West Area Partnership Spelling Bee Finals

Downside Spelling Team

On Monday 6th February we took a team of spelling champions, one from each year group, to compete in The West Area Partnership Spelling Bee finals. The children have been working very hard at home and in school, to learn their year group spellings from the National curriculum. An excellent performance from the whole team resulted in one gold and two silver medals. Each champion should be very proud of their achievements throughout the competition.

  • Ameera Hussain
  • Musab Ahmed – gold medal
  • Yousuf Ahmed – silver medal
  • Ryan Goutal – silver medal
  • Ibraheem Nawaz
  • Zara Islam





Keep Your Child Safe in this Digital World


Once again this year, Bedfordshire police will be presenting ‘Keep your child safe in a digital world’.  

This one hour session will provide all parents / carers with up-to-date information on this vast topic.  

There will be opportunities to ask questions and we welcome ALL parents / carers to come along.



Design a Cake Competition - THE RESULTS!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Design A Cake competition: we had hundreds of fantastic entries.

The school council looked at every design and chose a set of finalists. Their designs can be seen below.

The kitchen team then chose a winner from years 1 – 3 and years 4 – 6 and Amanda (the kitchen’s own master baker) made the winning cake. The cakes were unveiled in assemblies this half term and enjoyed by the winners, their families and their classmates.

Congratulations to all the finalists and to the two amazing winners.

The winner for Years 1 – 3 – Saniya – click here to see her design


The winner for Years 4 – 6 – Saarah – click here to see her design


Design a Cake Competition

The kitchen team have challenged children at Downside Primary School to design their best ever cake. The design can be as fantastic as the children’s imaginations allow and should include a list or labels to show specific ingredients (e.g. smarties, strawberries etc) and specific colours.

The designs should be on A4 (competition sheets have been given to the children by their school councillor) and handed in to the school councillors by Friday November 18th 2016. The kitchen team will make the winning cake and present it to the winning child after this date.

Enjoy the challenge and Good Luck!

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