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Boys Football Fixture Reports

SEN Football Tournament - 20th March 2018

On Tuesday 20th March we took two teams (Year 3/4 and Year 5/6) to the Luton Town EFL Day of Action Football tournament. The children were all very excited as for the majority of them this was their first ever experience of representing the school at football. On arriving at the venue the children were amazed to hear that there was to be special guest appearances from two Luton Town first team players (Danny Hylton and Alan Sheehan) and a recording team from Sky Sports News!



Year 3/4:

The Year 3/4 tournament ran as a round robin league with all schools playing each other twice. The school finishing top of their league was to be declared tournament winners.

Game 1: V Chantry. 5-1 win (Tyrese x3, Eesa x2)

Game 2: V Hillborough. 5-2 win (Tyrese x2, Eesa x3)

Game 3: V Foxdell. 2-1 win (Tyrese x 2)

Game 4: V Chantry. 2-0 loss.

Game 5: V Hillborough. 3-1 win (Tyrese x2, Eesa x 1)

Game 6: V Foxdell. 7-0 win (Tyrese x3, Eesa x3, Muneeb x1)

After only losing one game all day the Downside Yellow team (Year 3/4) were crowned tournament winners! Well done Downside Yellows.

Year 5/6:

The Year 5/6 tournament began with a group phase. Downside Reds (Year 5/6) were drawn in a group alongside Bushmead, Denbigh and Foxdell.

Game 1: V Bushmead. A superb start saw Downside win 12-0! Goals from Haroon x4, Abdul x3, Samme x2, Ramzi x2 and Atta x1.

Game 2: V Foxdell. This game saw the boys tested a little more than the last. However some great football saw them run out 4-1 winners. Goals from Haroon x2 and Abdul x2.

Game 3: V Denbigh. The boys knew a win would see them top the group and go through to the knockout phase. An amazing performance saw the boys win 10-1. Goals came from Hanan x2, Atta x2, Abdul x1, Haroon x1, Samme x1. The remaining 3 goals came from special guest Danny Hylton, the Luton Town first team striker! I think he is considering a free transfer to Downside.

These amazing set of results saw us top the group, scoring 26 goals in the process, and through to the Semi-Finals. Well done to goalkeepers Hamza and Hunain who both made crucial saves throughout the group stage to see us also only concede 2.

Semi-Final:  V Chantry. The boys put in another brilliant performance to win 5-2. Goals from Abdul x2, Samme x 1, Hanan x1 and an own goal. Chantrys’ two goals were scored by Danny Hylton after appearing for us in the previous round!

Final: V Ferrars. The boys had already had a fantastic day but knew they were one game away from winning the tournament and lifting the huge trophy alongside the Year 3/4 team.  Downside were shocked when the game started and for the first time all day they went 1-0 down. This spurred the boys on and after some lovely football Haroon equalised to make the score 1-1. A brilliant match of end to end football saw Ferrars regain the lead with a fortunate goal. The boys battled hard and desperately tried to find another equalising goal with the Ferrars goalkeeper pulling of a fantastic save in the last minute of the game to deny Haroon his second. Unfortunately the boys just ran out of time and lost the game 2-1.

Well done to all children involved in both teams on producing some superb football. It was a brilliant day to be involved in and we thank Luton Town for organising and running the tournament.

Year 5/6 - Football 2017

We took 2 teams to the 5 a side tournament. Both teams played well and won matches in their groups; with great goals being scored. Unfortunately our teams didn’t make it through to the knock out stages on this day. We would like to say well done to all of the players. The highlight of the day was the boys getting their picture taken with the ‘real’ Premiership trophy!

Girls Football Fixture Reports

Years 5/6 Girls Football Team

Match reports will be posted here!

Years 5/6 - Girls Football Tournament

On Wednesday the 14th March we entered two teams into the Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament held at Playfootball. The tournament begins with an initial round of group games before teams progress to a knockout phase of the tournament. The day was an extremely successful one with both teams doing incredibly well to reach the knockout stage.

Group games:

Downside Purples Downside Reds

Game 1: v Wauluds 6-0 win (Laura x4, Malaika x2)

Game 1: v Beechwood 2-0 loss

Game 2: v Farley 3-0 win (Laura x2, Malaika x1)

Game 2: v Bramingham 2-0 win (Maryam x1, Innaya x1)

Game 3: v St Matthews 3-0 win (Laura x3)

Game 3: v Foxdell 2-1 win (Ayesha x1, Innaya x1)

Game 4: v Hillborough 5-0 win (Laura x3, Malaika x1, Helena x1)

Game 4: v Surrey Street 3-0 loss

Game 5: v St. Josephs 4-0 win (Laura x2, Malaika x1, Hajarah x 1)

Game 5: v Beech Hill 1-0 win (Maryam x1)


Game 6: v St Matthews 1-0 win (Saara x1)

A great set of results saw the Purple team win the group easily and without conceding a goal.

A mixed set of results but some superb performances saw Downside Reds also qualify for the knockout phase of the tournament.

Knockout games:

Quarter Final: Downside Purples v Foxdell 1-0 win (Laura x 1)

Quarter Final: Downside Reds v Ferrars 2-0 loss

Unfortunately the Reds were knocked out at the quarter final stage to last year’s winners, Ferrars. Great performances all round from the Downside Reds, well done!

Semi Final: Downside Purples v Ferrars 3-1 win (Laura x1, Helena x1, Malaika x 1)

After initially going 1-0 down, a superb Downside comeback saw us beat last year’s winners 3-1 and progress to the final.

Final:  Downside Purples v Chantry 1-0 win (Laura x1)

A superb team performance all day from the Downside Purples saw them successfully win the whole tournament and be crowned Town champions, conceding only 1 goal in the process.

A special mention must go to Laura who scored 17 goals in the 8 games!

We now look forward to the County tournament being held in May. Well done girls!

Other Sporting Events

Year 5/6 Dodgeball Tournament - 17th October 2018

On Wednesday 17th October we took two teams to Inspire to take part in the Year 5/6 Dodgeball Tournament. Both teams initially played a round robin of group games to determine whether they qualified for the Shield or Cup section of the tournament. Each game consisted of three 2 minute rounds to determine the overall winner.

Team 1:

Downside 3 v 0 Sacred Heart

Downside 3 v 0 Chantry

Downside 2 v 1 Linden

Team 2:

Downside 3 v 0 Beechwood

Downside 2 v 1 William Austin

Downside 1.5 v 1.5 Surrey Street Yellows

Both teams played some amazing dodgeball with some extremely powerful and accurate throws successfully taking out the opposition players. Team 1 won all three of their group games, topping the group, and successfully seeing them through to the Shield competition. Team 2 were extremely unlucky and the draw against Surrey Street saw them joint top of their group. Unfortunately, on a count back of number outs, Downside ended up being pipped to the top spot and had to settle for a place in the Cup competition.

Both teams were excited to be through to the second half of the competition in which they went into a second league of 5 times.

Team 1:

Downside 3 v 0 Icknield

Downside 3 v 0 Surrey Street Yellows

Downside 2.5 v 0.5 Sundon Park

Downside 2 v 1 Waulud

Downside 2 v 1 Dallow

Team 2:

Downside 1 v 2 Bushmead

Downside 1 v 2 Sacred Heart

Downside 1.5 v 1.5 Hillborough

Downside 2 v 1 Wenlock

Downside 2 v 1 Surrey Street Reds

Both teams continued to play some excellent Dodgeball in the second half of the tournament. Unfortunately Team 2 suffered a couple of losses and missed out on winning the Cup, finishing a very respectable 3rd in their league. However, Team 1 continued their superb form and remained unbeaten all day. This saw them win the Shield and be crowned Town Champions! They now progress to the County Tournament, which will be played later in the year.

What an amazing achievement! We wish them the best of luck in their quest to become County Champions

Years 5/6 Girls Tag Rugby Festival - 16th October 2018

On Tuesday 16th October we took two teams of girls to Stockwood Park Rugby Club to take part in the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival. Both teams played a round robin of 8 games.

Team 1:

Downside 0 v 4 Waulud

Downside 3 v 3 Bushmead (Aminah x2, Maheen x1)

Downside 5 v 0 Denbigh (Sanam x2, Zenab x2, Maheen x1)

Downside 4 v 2 Bramingham (Khadija x2, Sanam x1, Innaya x1)

Downside 2 v 2 Sacred Heart (Nimrah x1, Maheen x1)

Downside 2 v 1 Denbigh (Sanam x1, Aminah x1)

Downside 5 v 2 Pirton Hill (Innaya x3, Zenab x2)

Downside 5 v 4 Wigmore (Zenab x1, Innaya x1, Aminah x1, Maheen x1, Khadija x1)

Team 2:

Downside 1 v 3 Pirton Hill

Downside 3 v 6 Wigmore

Downside 4 v 1 Ferrars Greens

Downside 5 v 1 Hillborough

Downside 5 v 3 Bramingham

Downside 4 v 3 Ferrars Greens

Downside 3 v 2 Ferrars Yellows

Downside 5 v 4 Whitefield

There was some great rugby on display by both teams and lots of tries were scored. All of the girls put in an excellent performance and should be really proud of themselves. It was so lovely to hear other schools commenting on how fantastic the girls were playing. It was brilliant day of rugby and the girls had a lot of fun playing.

Years 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival - 11th October 2018

On Thursday 11th October we took two teams of boys to Stockwood Park Rugby Club to take part in the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival. Both teams played a round robin of 8 games.

Team 1:

Downside 0 v 0 Maidenhall

Downside 2 v 4 Someries

Downside 2 v 3 Hillborough

Downside 3 v 0 Waulud

Downside 3 v 2 Surrey Street

Downside 1 v 2 St. Matthews

Downside 5 v 4 Bramingham

Downside 3 v 4 Wenlock

Team 2:

Downside 3 v 3 Wenlock

Downside 5 v 1 William Austin

Downside 4 v 2 Pirton Hill

Downside 5 v 5 Putteridge

Downside 1 v 3 Bushmead

Downside 3 v 3 Whitefield

Downside 2 v 4 Waulud

Downside 5 v 5 St. Martins

There was some great rugby on display by both teams and lots of tries were scored. All of the boys put in an excellent performance and should be really proud of themselves. It was brilliant day of rugby and the boys had a lot of fun playing.

Netball Match - 9th October 2018

Netball Report

On Tuesday 9th October our netball team took part in their 2nd match at Home against Foxdell primary school.

From the offset Foxdell were good, they were intercepting passes, they were marking closely and we soon went 1-0 down.

 We had a good team talk after the first quarter. Downside went back on in the 2nd quarter with lifted spirits. We soon started to work well as a team, we remembered our training and we soon scored 4 goals before half time.

We continued to play well and the goals kept coming. We scored another 3 in the 3rd quarter.

 Foxdell started to fight back in the last quarter scoring 3 goals.

The final score though was 7-4 to Downside.

Well done girls, another great win. I am very proud of how well you played.

Miss Crosby

Year 5 & 6 Cricket Match - 3rd October

On Wednesday 3rd October the Cricket B team played their first fixture in the indoor league. For many of the children this was their first competitive experience of the complex nature of the indoor rules. With no boundaries to aim for and catches off the walls counting as out, the children initially found it tough to score runs. However as the match developed they grew in confidence and played some lovely shots. Unfortunately, the more experienced Beechwood A team won 266 runs to 191. The children all enjoyed the experience and are keen to work hard in training before their next fixture.

Any children interested in joining the Year 5/6 team are more than welcome to attend the club. Training takes place after school (3:30 – 4:30) on a Tuesday for boys and a Thursday for girls. See a member of the PE team for a letter.

Years 5 & 6 - Netball Match 1st October 2018

On Monday 1st October the Year 5 & 6 girls Netball Team had their first match of the season against Wenlock.

The girls have been working hard in training; they have been practising at lunch and they have been learning all of the rules.

The girls were nervous before the game and very excited but they started off the game with a bang – scoring 2 goals in the first quarter. 2 more goals were scored in the 2nd quarter, 3 more goals in the 3rd quarter and 2 goals in the final quarter.

I am so pleased to say the girls won this game 8-0. They worked well as a team and did not concede a goal. This is a fantastic achievement.

What a great start to the Netball league. Well done to all of the girls involved. I am very proud of you all.

 The next home game is on Tuesday 9th October. Parents and pupils are welcome to come and watch.

Miss Crosby

Year 6 Netball Tournament - 13th June 2018

On Wednesday our year 6 netball team took part in their last tournament for Downside.

We were off the first game which gave us a chance to watch the other teams in our group. It gave us a bit of a shock as the teams that were playing were fantastic.

Our first game was against Sundon Park. This was a good game. We moved well, were passing nicely and had many chances to shoot. We won this game comfortably.

The next game was against Wigmore, this was going to be tough game! From the start we played well. Wigmore had a lot of possession but we stuck to them like glue, we put pressure on and forced mistakes. We took the opportunities and scored 2 goals. Wigmore then fought back and started score. The match was intense! We were working so hard but Wigmore were very good. But our determination paid off as started to pull away again. I am delighted to say we won this match 4-2!

Our next 2 matches were again very tough. Unfortunately we lost 1 match to Bramingham.

And our final match against Surrey Street was again very intense. Both teams were fighting from the start. This game ended up a draw 2-2.

I am so proud of:

Hiba, Malaika, Fatima, Innaya, Maryam, Maryam, Sharia, Leena & Azisha.

You have worked so hard and have improved immensely over the past few months. I am so glad I have had the privelage of being your netball teacher; You are a wonderful group of girls with amazing spirit and determination. I hope you all continue to play netball in High school.

Well done.

Years 5/6 Rounders Tournament - 7th June 2018

On Thursday 7th June we took part in the Year 5/6 Rounders Tournament. The day began with a league format before progressing to a knockout phase.

League games:

Game 1: Downside (6 ½) v Stopsley (2 ½)

Game 2: Downside (5 ½) v Ferrars (2)

Game 3: Downside (3) v Farley (1)

Some superb batting and fielding from the Downside team saw them go unbeaten in the league and easily through to the knock stage of the tournament. Other schools were really starting to notice the teams excellent play, in particular their amazing teamwork when fielding, and were keen to avoid them in the next rounds.

Knockout games:

Quarter Final: Downside (6 ½) v Denbigh (4 ½). The quarter final proved to be a real test for the team. Fortunately their great determination to stop Denbigh runs and some huge hits when batting saw them successfully through to the Semi Final stage.

Semi Final: Downside (2) v Hillborough (4). The Semi Final saw us face last years winners Hillborough and accumulated quite a crowd! We also saw a return of old favourite Mr Burroughs to umpire the game as a neutral. Both sides were very tense and keen to not make mistakes. Downside fielded superbly and made it difficult for the Hillborough team to score runs. Unfortunately for the first time all day we struggled when batting and couldn’t quite catch the Hillborough score.

Every single child should be proud of their efforts. They all showed some amazing determination and skill in every game and were led superbly by captain Abdul Quddus. It would be impossible to choose a player of the tournament as every single one of them contributed hugely. However a special mention must go to Hiba who was amazing at backstop, even playing on with her nail hanging off!


Girls Cricket Tournament - 8th May 2018

On Tuesday 8th May we took 9 girls to Luton Town and Indians Cricket Club to compete in the Girls Cricket Tournament. The day began with a league format before progressing to a knockout phase. Each school starts a game on 200 runs with points added through runs or boundaries and points lost through wickets or catches.



League games:

Game 1: Downside (268) v Beechwood (217)

Game 2: Downside (289) v St. Matthews Greys (207)

Game 3: Downside (271) v Stopsley (199)

Some superb batting, bowling and fielding from the Downside girls saw them go unbeaten in the league and easily through to the knock stage of the tournament. Other schools were really starting to notice the girls’ excellent play and were keen to avoid them in the next rounds.

Knockout games:

Quarter Final: Downside (252) v Beech Hill (230). This was always going to be a difficult match against last year’s winners of the tournament. Beech Hill applied some very tactical bowling techniques and limited the girls to their lowest batting score of the day. However, excellent bowling and fielding from Downside saw us take crucial wickets and go on to win the game.

Semi Final: Downside (266) v St. Matthews Maroons (270). This was to be another extremely tough game against the side that had already won the indoor league this year. Both schools were excellent in all aspects of the game in what was a fantastic game of cricket to watch. Unfortunately for the girls it was St. Matthews who just came out on top winning by the narrowest of margins, only 4 runs!

3rd/4th Place Playoff: Downside (288) V Denbigh (258). The girls started slowly in this game, struggling to shake off the disappointment of losing the earlier Semi Final. However with some encouragement they were able to compose themselves enough to allow their quality to shine through and take 3rd place.

Every single girl should be proud of their efforts. They all showed some amazing cricket talents and  the way they picked themselves up to still win the playoff at the end should be commended. It was a real honour to be associated with the girls in what was overall a fantastic day.

Sportability Festival - 5th May 2018

On Wednesday 5th May we took 5 children to Inspire Sports Village to participate in a Sportability Festival.

The children took part in a range of different activities including Sitting Volleyball, Golf, Table Cricket, Polybat, Boccia, Kurling and Goalball. Led by Young Leaders from Stopsley High School, the focus of the day was to have fun and try out some very different sports alongside other schools from the town.

The event was a real success and the children really enjoyed the activities. A huge well done to everyone involved.

Year 1/2 Quadkids Athletics

On Tuesday 24th April we took a team of 4 boys and 4 girls to Stockwood Park Athletics Track to compete in the Year 1/2 Quadkids Athletics competition.

This competition is considered a real test of athletic ability and one of the hardest events on the calendar. Competitors each have to compete in four events – 50m Sprint, 300m run, Vortex throw and the Standing Long Jump – against children from every other school in the Town. All of the children did extremely well and should be proud of their efforts with lots of 1st and 2nd place finishes in their heats. Overall the team finished a respectable 8th place out of 22 teams.

Well done to the whole team for fantastic behaviour, determination and perseverance throughout. I am extremely proud of all of them.

Year 3/4 Hockey tournament

On Friday 23rd March we took two teams to a Year 3/4 Hockey tournament at Luton Sixth Form College. The tournament involved 3 schools – Ferrars, Denbigh and ourselves. All teams played a round robin of games with points allocated to a league system dependent on results. Both of our teams played extremely well and showed some real promise in their hockey skills. With both of the sides going undefeated in the games (Team 1 – 3 wins, 1 draw. Team 2 – 2 wins, 2 draws) Downside were declared both winners and runners-up of the tournament. A fantastic effort by all, well done!


Netball Report - 8th March 2018

On Thursday 8th March our year 6 Netball team played against St Matthews at home. The girls were excited and nervous as it was their first match this year.

Both teams started off well but during the second quarter St Matthews started to pull away. We went 6-1 down. The girls started to get frustrated but with a team talk at half time we started to play well. The girls pulled the score back to 6-4. With a few more minutes we would have been able to secure a draw but unfortunately we lost this game.

Well done to all of the girls who played in this game. You didn’t give up showed determination and great teamwork. You should be very proud.

On Tuesday 13th March we played against Denbigh at home.  During the first quarter Denbigh pulled away and scored 3 goals very quickly. After a good team talk at half time Downside started to play really well. We were breaking fast and attacking well. We were solid in defense and listened to all of the rules and decisions. I am over the moon to say that the girls won 12-3. Brilliant shooting from Downside.

An excellent game. It was great to see Downside playing so well. Our next game is on Tuesday 20th March against Bramingham. Good luck girls.

SEN Boccia 2018

Boccia is a sport that tests muscle control and accuracy. Players propel balls to land close to a target ball and the closest team are the winners.

We took 2 teams to the Boccia tournament last week. Downside Yellow team came 3rd in their group, and the Downside Purple team came 5th. Unfortunately we did not make it through to the knock out stages on this day, but our children tried their best and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Year 5/6 Handball 2018

We took 2 teams to the handball competition. Both teams played extremely well. It was a great event with a lively atmosphere. Our A team was undefeated on the day, this is a fantastic achievement and all of the players involved should be very proud of their performances; but due to the nature of the competition there are no declared winners. Well done to all involved.

Year 3/4 Dodgeball 2018

Dodgeball is one of our most popular sports at school. The competitions are always a great experience and this years was no different. Yet again our team was undefeated on the day – this is a great achievement and all of the players involved should feel very proud; but due to the nature of the event there are no declared winners. Well done to all of our competitors.

Kurling Competition - December 2017

Kurling Team

On Thursday 14th December we took 3 teams (12 children) to Luton Sixth Form College to participate in a Kurling competition. Kurling is a game played in teams of 4 in which players take it in turns to propel a stone towards a target at the opposite end. A team scores a point for every stone that they have closest to the centre of the target than the opposition team.

Each of the teams played in a mini round robin league of 3-4 matches. Over the course of the afternoon there were some excellent shots played and every single child should be extremely proud of their performance. The afternoon was a real success and the children had a lot of fun competing in a very different sport. A huge well done to everyone involved.

Parkfields Middle School visit Downside - November 2017

On Thursday 16th November, Parkfields Middle School brought a group of Year 7 young leaders to Downside to work with some of our Year 4 children. The young leaders worked in small teams to plan and lead a range of small multiskills activities for the children to participate in. Each activity focussed on a different element of PE such as throwing and catching, basketball shooting and hockey dribbling. The children all had a brilliant time and loved showing off their skills to the older Parkfields children.

Indoor Cricket League - November 2017

On Wednesday 8th November we had our first two games in the Year 6 indoor cricket league. Knowing we had two teams in the league we took the opportunity to send out an experimental side and give many of the children their first experience of indoor cricket. 8 of the 10 children playing were making their debuts in the school team.

Game 1: Downside B (202 – 7) V Stopsley A (234 – 4)

Game 2: Downside B (200 – 8) V Farley A (231 – 8)


Unfortunately we lost both games but there were some superb individual performances from many of the debutantes. Both games saw some superb fielding skills and some excellent catches but the loss of some silly wickets when batting cost us greatly. With each wicket costing the side 5 runs, ultimately it was these wickets that saw us lose the games. All of the children did extremely well and should be very proud of their efforts. They will have learnt a great deal from the experience and can hopefully put this into practice for the next round of games.

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